This photo appeared a week ago and is Miss USA competing in an Elvis-themed outfit in the recent Miss Universe competition.  She was styled to represent her home state of Tennessee, and didn’t she display a clever concept – and other stuff.  That’s my kind of news.  Here’s a look at the better comments.


Miss Tennessee in Elvis-Style Outfit:


            She’s got her mojo workin’ and it works on me.


“Holy Frejolis” I’m in love!


She’s got the right hairstyle to start with, but that wasn’t the first thing I noticed.


I nearly bit my arm off when I first seen this photo, wow!  (No shortage of lust with these readers.)


If only all 50,000 “impersonators” looked like this J


It’s a pretty girl, dressed in a jumpsuit and showing a bit of flesh in a show in which the ladies are supposed to represent their homestate.  How on earth can that be considered the same as some fat old loser trying to sing and look like the King?  But, if she must be punished, I’d be the first in line to spank her bottom.  (Written by another fat old loser?)


I recently wrote that I thought chat rooms were a big waste of time, but I still check out a few when the subject tickles me.  Hopefully, you’ve found Elvisblog’s selection of the best comments an interesting read.  At least, it saved you some time.


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