Scotty Moore/Rolling Stones Picture Added to May 2006 Article:  Over a year ago, I posted an article titled “Scotty Moore Meets The Rolling Stones Backstage.”  This was before I learned how to post photos with the blogs.  The article was weakened by the lack of a photo, and that has now been corrected.  Please click on the article and see the great picture of Scotty, Keith, Ronnie, and a cardboard stand-up of Elvis.   Many thanks to Ella Shepherd, wife of very talented keyboard player Steve Shepherd, for giving me permission to use her photo on Elvisblog.


Weekly Visits to Elvisblog Hit New Record:  Sorry to brag again, but something has caused the number of hits on Elvisblog to jump.  Last week the count jumped up to 1880, an 11% jump over the old record.  A new daily high of 333 hits happened on Thursday, June 21.  The previous record was also on a Thursday, so maybe there is a pattern here.  Anyway, thanks for visiting Elvisblog.


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