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Back in November 2005, I discovered that someone had Googled “odd websites,” and Elvisblog came in # 8 out of 3,170,000 results.  I told my wife, and she asked, “Is that a good thing?” 


“Not really,” I answered, “but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Google isn’t evaluating web sites.  It is looking for sites with those exact words in it.  Elvisblog had an article earlier this month called New Archive Items, Some Odd Websites, And A Tease, and Google is finding that.”


“Oh.”  She didn’t really care.  Hoping you Elvis fans do, I offer a few more websites with odd stuff about Elvis.


The Elvis and Jack Nicklaus Mysteries:  This one is pretty cool.  It is part of a site called Icebox, which seems to be a place for animators/writers to show off series ideas in hopes of moving them up to TV shows or theatrical shorts.  The Elvis and Jack Mysteries are the creation of Jeff Martin.  There are four stories, each lasting only a few minutes.  The Elvis voice is done well, both in dialog and in the singing of the catchy theme song at the end of each episode.  The lyrics tell it all:

            Elvis and Jack Nicklaus

            It may sound ridiculous

            They were once as close as friends can be

            Evil-doers best beware

            Hillbilly Cat and the Golden Bear

            Teaming up to solve a mystery

Have some fun and watch all four stories at http://www.icebox.com/index.php?id=show&showid=s1


Arm Of Elvis:  (Sub-titled “Elvis’ Arm Has Left The Building)  This silly site from England is dedicated to the ongoing plight of the arm stolen from a small hanging Elvis figurine owned by “The Dexter.”  The Dexter provides readers with both verbal and sketched histories of the brutal attack.  He has a link to official and visitor sightings of the missing arm and also a sightings forum that degenerates into some stupid stuff.  Another link enables readers to post nasty ransom notes, which will be posted on Visitor Threats, but so far there aren’t any.  My favorite link on this site has five related games, although the missing arm has returned to Elvis for one of them.  If you have some time to kill, click on http://www.armofelvis.co.uk/.


Bela and Elvis:  Believe it or not, someone has done research to show that Elvis and Bela Lugosi had much in common.  The author states, “There is a most amazing psychic link that draws these two charismatic performers together in a chain of synchronicities that seem almost too strange to be just a coincidence.”  Well, I don’t know if I’d call it all that, but it does start with the fact that they both died on the same date (21 years apart).  For an interesting, but not too convincing, theory, click on http://www.horror-wood.com/belaelvis.htm.


Elvis In The Holy Land:  It won’t take long to check out this site featuring “The Elvis Inn” in Abu Ghosh, Israel.  Sounds like a hotel, but a better description would be a cross between a 7-11 and a souvenir stand.  Imagine this: babaganoush, shwarma, and Elvis coffee mugs all at the same store.  For more proof that Elvis really is everywhere, click on http://www.ibiblio.org/elvis/elvisinn.html.


Elvis, For The Ladies:  This is not really an odd web site, but it has an unusual feature.  It is a four-minute video on You Tube set to a song by Mariah Carey.  Dozen of photos of Elvis scroll up and down the screen, and most of them are ones I have never seen before.  What might be of special interest to you ladies is a string of ten photos early in the video that show Elvis without a shirt.  So, if you want to see bare-chested Elvis, click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9g_Ck8Ao7o.


Smells Like Catfish:  This is a site I found by linking from a July 10 article on www.elvis.com/news.  Considering the content, it’s hard to believe that anyone at Graceland ever checked it out.  Maybe there are just too many official EPE licensees to keep up with everything they all have on their websites.  Anyway, Lowell Hays was Elvis’ jeweler and friend in the 1970s, and on his site you can purchase official licensed replicas of the custom pieces of jewelry Hays made for Elvis.  You can also read several “great memories” Mr. Hays has of the years he spent with Elvis.  Be sure to check out the third one at http://www.elvisjeweler.com/Stories.html.


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