Big Spike in Hits on the Big Day:


There is always a jump in interest in Elvisblog during mid-August, especially on the 16th.  However, there was no reason to expect the number of visitors to the website would spike like it did this year.  On Thursday, August 16, Elvisblog received 1256 hits, almost tripling the old record of 425.  The next day, a new second place mark of 862 was set.  The weekly total came in almost 2-1/2 times the old record.


But Someone Helped:


I check out a lot of websites for ideas for Elvis articles, and one I frequently link to Is the Oldies Music section of About.com (http://oldies.about.com).   I have printed several articles written by the host, Robert Fontenot, and put them in my files for future blog ideas.  In my opinion, this is a website worthy of spending some time on.  However, I have never contacted Robert, or vice-versa.


He regularly searches the web for good oldies stories written by others.  The ones he likes get a short editorial tease and a link from his site.  He obviously found Elvisblog and liked one of my stories from last year.


On August 14, he posted a great feature:  “30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Elvis.”  Number 3 was my July 24, 2005, Elvisblog article titled, “Elvira and Elvis.”   Robert’s tease was pretty cool.  It ended with:  “Was this another chorus girl conquest, or was everyone’s favorite Eighties TV horror host a little too innocent for the King?  Read more”


It was that read more link that caused a significant portion of the big spike at Elvisblog.  Lots of folks must be interested in Elvira and Elvis – 523 checked in the first day alone.  For all of Elvis Week 2007, this link caused approximately 1000 people to discover Elvisblog for the first time.  I hope these new visitors were impressedand will come back again. 


Thanks, Robert, and keep reading Elvisblog.  There are lots of good stories you can recommend.


Fans Show Increased Interest in Elvis’ Grandson:


People also come to Elvisblog as a result of Google and other searches.  During the past week, there was certainly a lot of interest in Benjamin Keough, Elvis’ grandson.  Almost 1200 people checked out Elvisblog to get more information on young Benjamin.  However, he’s not so young anymore.  On October 21, Benjamin Keough will turn 15.  I’m sure we will be hearing more about him in the years ahead. 

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