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Not Guilty:  Did you know Elvis got arrested on October 18, 1957 for a fight with two other men.  He pulled into a Gulf gas station in Memphis to have some repairs done on his Continental Mark II.  He was immediately besieged by autograph seekers, and the station manager ordered him to drive away.  Somehow, a fight broke out between Elvis and two station attendants.  All three were charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.  City Court judge Sam Friedman ruled in favor of Elvis: “The testimony points to the guilt of the other men.  I dismiss you.”  Then the judge fined the other two men.  How many of those witnesses giving favorable testimony do you think were female Elvis fans?  I’ll bet the other guys never had a chance.


Mysterious Celestial Blue Light:  Have you ever heard of a book called Alien Rock: The Extraterrestrial Connection by author Michael Luckman?  In the August 16, 2007, issue of the New York Herald Tribune, columnist Billy Cox related one story in the book about Elvis.  It was supposedly told by Vernon to Elvis’ hairdresser and astrologer, Larry Geller, and his bodyguard Ed Parker.  According to Vernon, during Elvis’ childbirth, the Presley home in Tupelo was bathed in a canopy of blue light emanating from a source in the sky.  Sounds possible, I guess, but the writers go off the deep end with it.  Cox calls it “an eerie echo of the Star of Bethlehem.”  And Luckman said, “…clearly it left an enduring subliminal imprint [on Elvis]: “Blue Suede Shoes,” “G.I. Blues,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” “Blue Christmas.”  Pretty strange.


T-Shirts From Latest Elvis Catalog:  I love browsing through the catalogs from EPE, even though the budget restraints of my recent retirement limit how much more Elvis stuff I can buy.  The latest catalog has fourteen different T-shirts, and several are very appealing.  My favorites have to be the American Classic shirt with a color picture of Elvis on his motorcycle and the Elvis Has Left The Building shirt with a silhouette of Elvis to the right of an empty stage scene (mike stand, a guitar leaning against a tall stool).  The worst selection has to be one that is called Elvis Presley Enterprises Insiders T-Shirt.  Across the chest in large block letters is E. P. ENTP.  I’m sure folks are just jumping to buy that one at $21.99.


I Saw Elvis: Believe it or not, an American President has mentioned Elvis in a State of the Union Address.  In 1992, President George H. W. Bush praised the courage, commitment, and compassion of our Nation’s defenders: “…all the ones who fought faithfully for freedom, who hit the ground and sucked dust and knew their share of honor… What a group we’ve put forth, for generations now, from the ones who wrote, ‘Kilroy was here’ on the walls of the German stalags to those who left signs in the Iraqi desert that said, ‘I saw Elvis.’”


Rock’s Incredible Body Parts:  In the September 2005 issue of Spin magazine, they picked the 25 ‘most incredible’ rock star body parts.  Madonna’s bellybutton tops the list, followed by the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards’ liver.  Spin concludes, “…it is so durable that when Richards finally passes, they’ll line the exterior of the space shuttle with his liver tissue.”  There was no witty quote for the Elvis body part on the list – his hip-shaking pelvis.  Other selections include Tina Turner’s legs, Kiss’ Gene Simmons’ tongue, and Bruce Springsteen’s butt.


The Colonel Kills The Deal:  Sonny West has another book out:  “Elvis – Still Taking Care of Business.”  It should be titled “Sonny – Still Making Money Divulging the Dark Side of Elvis.” At least that is the impression I got from a lengthy excerpt from his book.  Although West talks about praying for Elvis and having his heart broken by Elvis, most of what I read sounded like it was lifted from the National Enquirer.  However, there was an interesting passage about the time in 1969, when Barbara Streisand offered Elvis the male lead in the remake of A Star Is Born.  Elvis was interested initially; then he changed his mind and had Colonel Parker save him from the discomfort of having to back out.  Parker laid out these demands:  $1 million in salary, $100,000 in expenses, 50% of the gross profits, a separate deal for soundtrack rights, and Elvis had to get top billing.  Streisand said ‘no way’ and got Kris Kristofferson to do the part.  I wonder what he got paid.


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