Vacation Time Again:  There will be no new articles posted to this blog on the next two Sundays, September 23 and 30.  Sorry for the two-week break, but your Elvisblog host will be on vacation out west.  We are going to four national parks: Yosemite, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain – with stops in Reno, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, and Estes Park (Colorado).  This country has outstanding natural grandeur, and we are going to check out some of the best of it.  Of course, I will be on the lookout for anything interesting about Elvis to provide the basis for a future blog article. I imagine my best hope will be in Reno, but you never know.


Bragging Again:  A month ago I mentioned how interest in the 30th Anniversary Elvis Week caused a big spike in reader visits to Elvisblog in mid-August.  Well, it appears that many of these new readers liked it enough to come back again.  During the past three weeks, Elvisblog has averaged well over 2100 hits per week, a 20% jump over just two months ago.  Total reader visits year-to-date are now over 58,000, but I recently saw figures on the hits the Elvis website powerhouses get, so there is still a lot of room for growth.  Thank you for reading Elvisblog.


New Links:  The list of favorite links on Elvisblog has grown considerably in recent weeks, and it will get bigger after vacation.  Past blog articles have contained hyperlinks to quite a few Elvis websites and other sites that have some interesting Elvis content.  These will be compiled and added to the favorites list.  By the way, if you hold the cursor over the link name, a box will open with a short description of what the site is all about.  It’s a pretty cool feature.


OK, it’s time to go to the airport.  Talk to you in October.


Phil Arnold, host of Elvisblog

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