We’re Back:  Vacation was great, but now it’s time to get back to the business of writing Elvisblog articles.  Nothing was posted the past two Sundays, so I moved the schedule up to Friday, 10/05.  I hope you will enjoy, “Searching for Elvis in Reno, Salt Lake, and Jackson Hole.”  We’ll get back to the regular Sunday cycle on October 14.


Wrong Assumption:  I was pleasantly surprised to see that 3400 readers checked in during the past two weeks when there was no new content.  It seems there are more Elvisblog readers than I guessed, but many don’t access the blog each week for the new article.  I’m the same way with some websites – I check in every once in a while and catch up on what’s new.  Fair enough, but I’ll still be adding new articles to Elvisblog every Sunday.

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