The Christmas season is here again, so it’s time to say thanks to all the Elvis fans who regularly read Elvisblog.  May everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday. 


It’s a busy time for everyone, including your Elvisblog host.  So, again this year, we will skip the regular articles for two weeks (Sunday, December 16 and Sunday, December 23).  Instead, we will return to something that is becoming a Christmas tradition at ElvisblogThe Elvis Claus Trilogy.


The third episode is titled, “Elvis Claus Upstages an Elvis Impersonator,” and it continues the love story of pretty Judy Parker and the mysterious man behind a Santa beard.  It takes place in 1985, so some willing suspension of disbelief is necessary.  We all know Elvis has been gone for thirty years, but just for fun at Christmas, let’s enjoy a fantasy of what might have happened if Elvis had started a new life in 1977.


The trilogy started with “Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets a Present,” and followed with “Another Present for Elvis Claus.”  I would suggest you read them first, to get an understanding of ‘Santa’ and Judy’s history.  The new episode will make much more sense that way.  Click here to bring up the whole trilogy in sequence.  Or, if you still remember the back-story, click here to link right to “Elvis Claus Upstages an Elvis Impersonator.”   Hope you like it.


The next regular Elvisblog article will be posted on Sunday, December 30.


Merry Christmas and a hunk-a hunk-a burning love to everyone.



                                                Phil Arnold – Creator and Host of Elvisblog

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