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Benjamin Keough Photos

(Editor's Note:  For years, the most popular article in ElvisBlog history has been this title.  However, when newer photos of Elvis' grandson came along, they were posted elsewhere.  Now, all of these photos of Benjamin Keough have been incorporated into a new article titled “First Look:  New Benjamin Keough Photos.”  It is reproduced here.)
In the past two weeks, ElvisBlog has been the recipient of two new photos of Elvis’ only grandson, Benjamin Keough .  One of this blog’s loyal readers has an uncanny way of uncovering these pictures, and she chooses to send them here so we can share them with many other fans.  We now have three photos of Benjamin as a teenager, to go along with three younger shots.

Internet searches for Ben Keough, or Benjamin Keough, or Elvis' grandson have brought many Elvis fans to this site for years, linking to four different articles posted between February 2007 to May 2009.  As soon as photos of Ben were discovered during that period, they were posted.

The wonderful ElvisBlog reader who sent me number four and five in the series came up with number six yesterday.  She won't say how she gets them, and I’m not going to push her for that information.

So, let’s look at all six Ben Keogh photos together in a pictorial essay, along with comments on each.

If you look close at this picture, you can see that Benjamin has a diamond stud in his nose.  Elvis’ grandson is growing up.

My mysterious source advised me that the logo at the top right is from the jewelry line Bullets 4 PeaceTheir website says, “Bullets 4 Peace takes used bullet casings, which are meant to be recycled and used in the streets and battlefields, and turns them into beautiful jewelry pieces that promote peace and compassion.  Proceeds from sales help support various charitable organizations.”  Singers like Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and the Jonas Brothers have taken to this jewelry, as well. 

Benjamin is holding what seems to be the design called “Army of Peace Eagle”.  It is from the Bullets 4 Peace Silver Collection, and sells for $275.  I have a suggestion.  These folks ought to make a TCB design.  That would probably sell a bunch.
This is the photo we posted just two weeks ago.  It was the first one where Benjamin showed some resemblance to Elvis. 

 Note that the facial hair in this shot is gone in the more recent one.  About this same time, somebody Googled “Did Elvis ever meet his grandson?”  Oh boy, that would be a little impossible.  Elvis died thirty-two years ago, and Benjamin is seventeen.


This photo was posted on ElvisBlog about nine months ago, and it generated more comments than any other article in the four year history of this site.  Some of them discussed whether Ben had any resemblance to Elvis.  However, more folks were concerned about that beer bottle sitting on the table in front of a sixteen-year-old.  Not me.  I know a lot of us drank a beer at that age, and we all turned out okay, right?
The next three photos are of young Benjamin, first posted on ElvisBlog in December 2007, and they now show up on all sorts of websites.  Considering his age in the pictures, they were all taken well before 2007, but they sure weren’t in general circulation until then.  Lisa Marie took great care to keep Benjamin out of the public eye when he was little.
This one was supposedly taken at Elvis Week 2004, so Benjamin would have been twelve then.

I have no information about this photo, but the fan forum website where I found it says it is Benjamin, so I am going with that.

This is the youngest photo of Benjamin in this collection.  Cute kid.
The first ElvisBlog post with pictures of Ben in 2007 was cleverly titled “Benjamin Keough Photos.”  Although it is now very outdated, it is still ranked number one on Google for Benjamin Keough searches.  So, I’m going to drop the original article and replace it with a reprint of this one.  Folks are going to be a lot happier with the results of their searches.

I always say writing about Elvis is fun, and now it turns out, writing about Benjamin Keough is fun, too.  I hope my friend can come up with more photos.
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