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If you are like me, all your relatives have it easy when it comes to buying Christmas presents for you.  They see something “Elvis” in a store or catalog, they buy it, and they put it away until Christmas.  “Good, this takes care of (fill in your name).”


I had an excellent Christmas – overall, and also in getting Elvis goodies.  My relatives found some cool stuff this year.  I would like to mention a book my sister-in-law found.  I’ve never heard of “Long Lonely Highway: A 1950’s Elvis Scrapbook,” but I’m tickled to have it.  The scrapbook reference is perfect, because the book is a pictorial history of Elvis from 1954 to 1957.  In addition to dozens of mostly rare photographs, there are placards and newspaper ads for Elvis’ concerts and show tours in the early years.  There are also copies of many newspaper articles, most of them critical of Elvis.  Noted Elvis expert and writer Ger Riff presents a delightful trip through the rise of Elvis Presley.  So, as you might have guessed, I recommend his book.


The most unique present I got was the Elvis Pez Collection.  Three Pez dispensers with different Elvis heads on top:  ’58 Elvis (the Army years), ’68 Elvis (Comeback Special), and ’73 Elvis (Aloha from Hawaii).  All of this is nicely explained on the back of the clever tin-canister packaging. The cover of the container has a six-inch wide circular opening which showcases the three Elvis Pez’s.  It is done in a gold finish, and stands upright as a nice little display stand.


I love it.  A most excellent gift.  But I have a dilemma.  Do I leave the shrink-wrap in tact and preserve the collectible value?  Or do I open it up and have fun with the Elvis Pez’s?  Or is it the Pez Elvis’s?  There are a couple of good reasons for opening it up.  One, I could take out the red packs of Pez candies.  The Elvis display would be better without them in the picture.  Two, I can take out the Elvis CD that is behind the heads and Pez packs.  I would listen to that a time or two, but I’d put it back, because it makes a great background for the Elvis’s.


I’m not real crazy about ’58 Elvis.  He’s got an Army cap on.  That’s fine, but why not ’57 Elvis with his big hair.  Think about it.  Wouldn't '57 Elvis be a much better choice to depict young Elvis.  And, I am not too pleased with the '58 likeness.  I know it’s hard to capture Elvis’ features on a piece of plastic 1-1/2” high.  However, I am truly saddened that there are so many Elvis dolls/toys/etc. on the market that don’t look like him.  Well, the Pez ’58 Elvis is better than some, but still not where I’d like it to be.


The ’68 Elvis seems to be the same mold as ’58, but with big sideburns and no hat.  That is not enough to associate the head with the ’68 Comeback special.  What it sorely needs is that tall black-leather collar.  There would be no question then.  Without the black leather collar, this Pez Elvis is not very exciting.


On the other hand, ’73 Elvis is a gas.  He’s got the long over-the-ears hair.  Very representative of that era.  He’s got on the famous sunglasses, and their shape and color are dead-on.  And, best of all, it’s got the high white collar from the American Eagle Jumpsuit.  If you look at this Pez head, you immediately see 70s Elvis.  This is an Elvis worth showcasing.  In fact, I’ve made a decision about my dilemma.  I’m going to open up the Pez Elvis Collection tin.  Please excuse me for a moment.




I’m back.  I made some modifications to my Pez Elvis display – I took out more than just the Pez candies.  How do you like it?  If anybody would like to buy '58 and '68 Pez Elvis's at bargain prices, let me know. 
Happy New Year from Elvisblog.
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