Happy Birthday ElvisBlog:  It has now been three full years since ElvisBlog was launched.  Happily, readership keeps increasing, and I haven’t run out of new ideas to write about.  There’s a lot of cool stuff out there in Elvisworld, so you can expect the commentaries to continue for a long time.


A Record Number of Hits in 2007:  It’s a bit late to report this, but ElvisBlog received almost 88,000 hits in 2007, more than double the number from the year before.  Not surprisingly, the best month was August when almost 12,000 Elvis fans checked in to read about the King.  January is always the second-best month, and the count just closed at over 10,500 for January 2008.  Thank you so much for your continued support.


New Header Banner:  If you are reading this, you have seen the new ElvisBlog banner at the top of the home page.  I hate to admit it, but it took about ten hours to read the manual, create the banner, and use the blogware File Manager system to upload it to this blog.  Lots of mistakes and trial-and-error before getting it right.  Fortunately, I’m more proficient as a writer than I am as a computer person.


Another Vacation:  Retirement is a great time to go on vacations, and my wife has been relentless in planning them.  We leave February 14 for three weeks in Italy, and we will see Rome, Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast.  As always, I will be on the lookout for Elvis stuff to report about on ElvisBlog.  There will probably be a two-week gap during which no new columns will be posted.  However, if I can get a few articles ahead, I may talk a friend into adding them on the second and third Sundays while I'm gone.  To be advised…

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