Cruising through the Internet is one of my favorite ways of finding ideas for ElvisBlog columns.  I doubt that there are many websites devoted totally to Elvis that I haven’t visited at least once.  But, I have a special joy in finding other sites with just some Elvis content, and often it is pretty strange.  I bookmark them, so I can share them with you from time to time.



Elvis Shot JFK – We Have Proof:  This site is 100% tongue-in-cheek, and contains some interesting elements.  I like the disclaimer at the bottom that says, “This web page is best viewed… while on prescribed doses of Prozac, Lithium and Valium.  Check out the letter that supposedly shows the startling similarities between Elvis and JFK, or the one were the writer talks about putting on his aluminum foil cap to keep the alien beta-waves from causing further brain damage.



Elvis Effigies:  I don’t think effigies is the right word here, but this website certainly has an eclectic assortment of Elvis images, and most seem to be made by Elvis fans.  Elvis has been depicted many ways, but this is the first time I’ve seen him done with balloon art.



Elvis Guns for Sale (Maybe):  I discovered this site back in November 2007, so I was surprised that these guns Elvis used to own are still available for sale five months later.  If you are interested in finding out, click on Home, and scroll down to the contact information.



Mickey Mouse in an Elvis Jumpsuit:  Here is a joint offer from Disney and EPE, and it looks pretty good for $20.  Thanks to Photoshop, we have seen everybody else in an Elvis jumpsuit, so why not Mickey Mouse?



38 Women Elvis Dated:  It figures that a website named “Who’s Dated Who?” would have a pretty good section on Elvis Presley.  There are quite a few women they say Elvis ‘hooked up with” who I have never heard of.  No proof is offered, so take it with a grain of salt.



Elvis Does Some Self-Promotion in Sweetwater, TX:  This is a six-year-old web column from Don Aly’s Celebrity Scene.  Aly is a freelance journalist with past experience in motion picture promotion.  In this article, he reminisces about Elvis performing in his hometown in 1954.  I especially like the part about Elvis going from car to car at a drive-in hamburger joint promoting himself while “That’s All Right” played on the PA system.



Elvis Bootleg Albums — The Bottom of the Barrel:  When this site opens, your first impulse may be to get out quickly.  The two photos at the top of the home page of El Buncho’s Sound Dungeon aren’t very appealing, and neither is most of the content.  However, if you scroll quickly about 2/3 of the way down, you will spot a picture of a bootleg Elvis album with a title I won’t repeat here.  The concept is totally gross, presumably because the album is a collection of the worst songs Elvis ever recorded.  I’ve never seen a copy of this mess, but if you are curious and not easily offended, check it out. (Note to the male readers: I’ll bet something will catch your eye as you scroll down, and you will stop and look at it.  I do have this album.)



Tag Team Match – The Oprahs versus The Elvii:  I would imagine very few of you readers ever watched Celebrity Death Match on cable TV.  It was an animated show pairing two celebrities in a no-holds-barred fight, and it was pretty crude and very violent.  Two courtside announcers provided verbal humor ((sort-of) with their commentary.  Well, there is an Internet version called WWWF Grudge Match.  There is no animation, just the text of the announcers’ commentary.  For 248 matches, the fans could vote for the winner, but the function has now been retired.  Most fights had just two combatants, but this one has both fat and skinny Oprah Winfrey and fat and skinny Elvis in a tag team match.  At least check it out to see if the Elvii came out on top.



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