I ran into a few things about Elvis on the Internet that tickled me.  One was a UPI story from Stockholm.  Recently the National Tax Board of Sweden ruled:


            Elvis is the first name of a masculine type.


Wow, that’s a revelation.  Did you ever think otherwise?  Not me.


The Tax Board has told a Swedish couple that Elvis is not an appropriate name for a girl in Sweden.


Wow, they’ve got a board in Sweden that tells people what names not to give their babies.  That’s scary.  But, even worse, what’s their problem with Elvis?  That is a terrific name for a female.  Even though I’ve always thought it was masculine, I can see the name working for a girl.


Can’t say that I’ve ever met a woman named Elvis.  I wish I knew one, because I’ll bet she would be fun to be around.  Hell, I’d like to meet her parents.  Buy them a drink and talk about Elvis for hours.


Anyway, back in Sweden, the couple said they picked the name because they liked the sound.   Well, we hear the word Elvis spoken all the time.  Elvis is everywhere.  And, I guess it does sound pleasant.  Good name – for boy or girl.


Guess what the couple said was the most important quality they wanted in a name for their daughter?  That it be gender neutral.


The mother said, “We talked about a lot of names and then Elvis popped up.  We thought that it was a name that was both pretty and gender-neutral.”


She’s right.  If you think about it, the name Elvis is pretty.  I like this Swedish couple a lot more that that stupid Tax Board. 


Or at least I did until I read, “We’re not Elvis fans at all.”  Ok, forget what I said about meeting the parents.



The next funny thing about Elvis wasn’t really in the news.  It was in an e-mail.  My friend, Jim Lane, recently went on vacation out west, and here is what he wrote:


            “At Pike’s Market in Seattle, an old guy was playing the 

            acoustic guitar hoping people would throw money in his

            guitar case.  Along came a middle-aged guy with an Elvis

            belt and cape.  He put down a tip jar and started in on ‘All 

            Shook Up.’  Before the song was over, he made more money

            than that first guy had in 20 minutes.” 


Well, it just goes to show you that a tip jar snags more money than a guitar case.


No, I think the cape was the trick.  This wasn’t an Elvis Tribute Artist in full jumpsuit splendor.  Just a guy with a big belt and a cape and an acoustic guitar – singing some Elvis and bringin’ in the dough.  What a great gig.


My thanks to Jim for the story.



Back to  European countries.  According to, in an article about little known Swiss facts:


            “Swiss law forbids you to mow your front lawn while dressed as Elvis Presley.”


No problem.  Just wear a big belt and a cape.



And finally, we have two stories from a news website called The Spoof.  That title gives you a clue about the veracity of their articles.


The so-called breaking news report was titled, “Elvis Had Sex With Aliens.”  The source for this news was an old Elvis Memphis Mafia buddy, Lama Fyke, who supposedly said:


“Did you ever wonder why Elvis’ bedroom is off limits when you tour Graceland?  It’s because he’s up there, man.  I’m only revealing this because I need the money.”


That’s funny.  I like that line, whether it has a ring of truth or not.


But, here is the best one of all from The Spoof:


            “In a related story, a tourist on Beale Street [in Memphis] was

            sighted wearing a tee shirt that read:


Elvis Is alive and living in my pants

Feel him for a quarter.’”



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