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Postscripts to Earlier Elvisblog Columns

Recently, I have accumulated additional information or photos related to past articles on ElvisBlog.  Here are some updates you may find interesting:

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Benjamin Keough Photos:  This is the title of a blog I posted on December 23, 2007.  It contained three photos of Elvis’ grandson Benjamin Keough, and it has been a consistent source of traffic to ElvisBlog ever since.  Whenever his mother Lisa Marie is in the news, there is always a big spike in hits.  News accounts that she married Michael Lockwood, that she was pregnant, and that she would be having twins, all mentioned she had a daughter Riley and son Benjamin from her first marriage to Danny Keough.  And when people started Googling Benjamin Keough, the search results brought many of them to ElvisBlog.  Well, Lisa Marie gave birth to twin girls by Caesarian section yesterday, and it happened again.  So far, 1115 visitors have linked to this site to learn more about Elvis’ grandson.  He turns 16 this month, and his sister Danielle started her modeling career at that age.  Do you think we might see Benjamin doing anything in the music business soon?  I sure hope so.


Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show:  Back in May, I wrote a blog to debunk the assertion printed in the LA Mirror-News that Elvis was a sexibitionist at his October 28, 1957 concert in Los Angeles.  I quoted two lines from competing columnist Wally George in the LA Times as verification.  Recently, I discovered another quote from Mr. George’s column when he discussed Elvis’ pre-concert interview:

“All in all, he was a pleasant, mild-mannered person who might have been any other 22-year-old young man, were it not for the high gleaming pompadour, the rhinestone belt, and the gold jacket.”

Yeah, that might give you a clue.  Hedda Hopper also had a favorable report on the concert, and I love her assessment of Elvis’ psyche as he performed.

“He knew what he was doing… You felt he was mentally saying to himself: ’Do you know an easier way of making a million a year.’”


Elvis & Johnny Cash Concert Poster:  Back in an August ElvisBlog column, we discussed the unique concert on December 12, 1955, that featured Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  One illustration was a photo of a poster supposedly advertising the event, but the wrong date on it proved it to be a fake.  Alert reader Paul MacPhail sent a Comment concerning where the photograph on the poster came from.  I’m not sure where he gets his information, but he states:  The photo was taken backstage at the Grand Ole Opry December 13, 1957. Elvis was visiting the Opry and Cash was appearing on it at the time.” 

A little research in the great book “Elvis: Day By Day” shows that Elvis did in fact visit the Grand Ole Opry eight days later, and he bought a tux for his brief appearance on stage to wave at the audience.  Note that the bogus concert photo shows Elvis wearing a tux.  So, Mr. MacPhail certainly has the loctation and circumstances right, but he might want to change that date to December 21, 1957.  Either way, the photo was taken two years after the concert supposedly promoted in the poster.



Rock Around The Dock:  This June blog covered Elvis’ 1956 concert aboard the SS Mount Vernon, docked on the Potomac River in Washington, CD.  I mentioned the promoter of the concert was Connie B. Gay, and I referred to her.  Well, it turns out that Connie is a he.  Hopefully, I can be excused for the error, because there aren’t many male Connie’s around (I do remember famous baseball manager Connie Mack).  Anyway, I received a nice e-mail from Jack Burnish setting me straight.  He knows what he’s saying; Connie B. Gay is his wife’s uncle.  Jack also said I do a great column, so I thank you, sir.


A Look at Elvis Websites, Circa 1997:  Last month, we took a look at a list of Elvis websites in existence back in 1997 and noted which ones thrived until 2008 and which ones went away.  Of course, www.elvis.com, the official site of Elvis Presley Enterprises, still continues to this day.  In the column, I said, “I wish I could go back and see what the site was like in 1997.”  Thanks to my buddy Ty, head blogger honcho at www.thefilmfrontier.com, I learned this is possible.  In fact, we can go back to December 21, 1996, by clicking here.  It appears that it was called Elvis Presley’s Graceland back then and had a slightly different URL, but this is the official EPE site that evolved into today’s Elvis.com.  The Homepage sure isn’t much, and when you click to enter, you are taken to a page of links.  “Elvisology” is the best one, particularly the “Trivia” and “Elvis on The Screen” features.  I also liked “News from Graceland,” because it gives you a historical perspective of the state of Elvisworld in 1956.  It announced a substantial volume of Elvis movie, concerts, and specials coming up on VH1.  I gave up on that channel a long time ago, but I’ll bet you won’t see much Elvis on VH1 now.

Anyone who would like to check out archived versions of your favorite websites through the years, go to http://www.archive.org/web/web.php and kill a few hours.  As my friend Ty said, “Have a ball surfing in the past.”


Pappy and Elvis (Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets -11):  This Mini-Nugget covered a 1966 Foghorn Leghorn cartoon with two chicken hawk characters named Pappy and Elvis.  I was not too pleased to report that both were depicted as ignorant rednecks, and Elvis was a total air-head.  Well, it turns out that the cartoon’s producer smeared The King the same way years earlier.  In “Backwoods Bunny,” his 1959 Bugs Bunny cartoon, two hungry vultures chase after Bugs while he tries to vacation in the Ozarks.   The buzzards where just as stupid as the chicken hawks, and their names were Pappy and Elvis.  I hope I don’t discover any more offensive portrayals like these two.


Fun With Gold Lame:   If you surf the internet as much as I do looking for interesting Elvis stuff, you will constantly run into variations on famous photo of Elvis in the gold lamé suit.  I showed eight of them in a column a month ago.  Now, I have found one more that must be shown.  The British music magazine Mojo included a free bonus CD with their May 2006 issue.  It is titled Hail To The King, and it contains 15 versions of Elvis songs done by other rockers.




The artists in gold lamé above are, from left to right, Roy Orbison, Link Wray, Jeff Beck, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


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