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Elvis M&M Ornaments for Christmas

Like many of you, I receive e-mail notices from www.ShopElvis.com announcing their latest hot deals on Elvis merchandise.  I’m not sure, but I think I’m on their mailing list by virtue of being a member of Elvis Insiders.  As noted in ElvisBlog before, I am trying not to accumulate any more Elvis stuff because I have plenty (too much according to my wife).  However, I do scan through the ShopElvis offers out of curiosity.

Their latest e-mail touted “Special Free Items,” but it turns out the four free items are only free if you spend over $50, $100, $150, or $250.  One in particular interested me.  If you spend $100 on other stuff, you get a free M&M Ornament Set.  This had the potential to challenge my no-more-Elvis-stuff position, because I love M&M collectibles and have accumulated a few over the years.


So, I clicked on the link to the Free M&M Ornament Set, and look what came up:  Four cute little Elvis M&M figurines.  They are 1-1/2 inches tall, and the set can be yours for $11.99 if you don’t want spend $100 on other purchases to get them for free.

Free Elvis Mini M&Ms Ornament Set

Two of the little guys look pretty cool to me.  The blue M&M with the red outfit reminds me of the young Elvis, and the Red M&M with the sunglasses makes a great 70s Elvis.  But if I get the set, the other two guys won’t be hanging on my Christmas tree.  The yellow M&M reminds me of a fish more than Elvis, and the Orange M&M looks like Kermit the Frog.  Those two would have to go

I scrolled through all of the ShopElvis’ ornament offerings, and found another set of Elvis M&Ms.

Elvis M&Ms Jumpsuit Ornament Set

These guys are 3-1/2 inches tall and seem like a pretty good deal for $10.98.  They are hand-painted resin which hopefully means they are more durable than blown glass.  I like the red guy with the blue jumpsuit and blue guy with the white jumpsuit the best.  The hair and sideburns on the yellow guy seems to be an extension of the black jumpsuit, and that looks a little weird.


Just for kicks, I Googled Elvis M&M Ornaments to see what else might come up, and look what I found on Amazon.

M&M Elvis Presley Christmas Ornaments

This set cost more than twice as much as the others at $26.99, but you get some extra features.  Three of them are holding microphones and the other has a guitar.  I like them all.  How neat is a ’68 Comeback Special Elvis M&M?  And I love yet another variation of Elvis in his Gold Lamé Suit.  The blue M&M in the white suit is very cool with his gold belt buckle and mic stand.  The orange M&M in the red coat is special because he is the only one holding a guitar.  That gives it a good Elvis connection, which makes up for the fact that he looks a little like Cartman from the TV show South Park.

So, I guess I will give in and ask my relatives to get me some M&M Elvis ornaments for Christmas presents.  I’ll put out the hint I’d like the mini set from ShopElvis and the more expensive set from Amazon.

There is one other interesting note on the Amazon set.  It was created by noted Christmas tree ornament designer Karl Adler.  You can click on a link to go to “Other Kurt Adler Products.”  I did, and there are some interesting items.  However I found one other Elvis ornament I wish he had never made.

Elvis Dancing Cow Christmas Ornament


Unlike the M&M Elvis ornaments, there is no mention on the webpage of “Officially Licensed Merchandise.”  I’m guessing EPE doesn’t even know this horrid design exists, and if they ever find out, Mr. Adler can expect a strongly worded ”cease and desist” letter from Graceland’s lawyers.  For once, I would agree with EPE.  The Elvis Dancing Cow will never hang on my Christmas tree (although it would be kind of fun to see my wife’s reaction if I did try to hang one there).

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