An e-mail from a PR person asks me if I might write an ElvisBlog article about an Elvis birthday party at a restaurant in Hawaii.  Not just any restaurant, but the famous MAC 24-7 restaurant and bar in the Hilton Waikiki.  This sounds like it could be a really good party, so I read on.


The e-mail itself is pretty much all business and to the point.  The best part is the end salutation.  Ms. Tess Staadecker signed off with:


Rock on,


Well, I know there is no way I can write an article about that party.  Too much like a commercial, and ElvisBlog doesn’t do commercials.  However, I do click on to the attached press release link just out of curiosity.  Although there is also no way I could go to the party, why not read about it, anyway.

I groan when I read the heading, and think, Tess, you are being very mean.  You tempt me with enticing words:



ON JANUARY 8, 2009
** The King’s Birthday Party Festivities at the Graceland of Waikiki **


All right, we’re talking about a party of gyraters and hip-shakers.  I could fit right in there just fine.  But, I can’t go.  I start to regret reading the press release — a sense of remorse for having to miss this party.  But, I cheer up when I see the reference to Graceland of Waikiki.  I pause and wonder what the Graceland of Waikiki would look like.  I come up with palm trees and hula skirts, but no other ideas come, so I read on.


“Put on a pair of blue suede shoes and dance on down to MAC 24-7…”


Well done, Tess.  You continue to taunt me with these wonderful visions.  It's so easy to see myself having a blast with other Elvis fans at this party.  I take a deep breath and keep reading.  The restaurant will be featuring an item they call The Elvis Delight, which is described as “a golden fried banana, bacon, and peanut butter sandwich.”  I get it.  They’re doing a variation of the Elvis original peanut butter and nanner sandwich.  And you know Elvis would have liked it this way.  Loaded up with bacon would be just fine with him.


The price on the Elvis Delight is $14.50, but you also get a slice of sweet potato pie with your sandwich.  I wonder how that all would go with Scotch?  If you’re at this party, you’ll be doing some drinking, or at least I would.


On the other hand, The King Special sounds like it would go with Scotch quite well – “meat loaf with fried okra, tomato sauce, and hominy grits.”  I don’t know if we can trust someone in Hawaii to make good grits, but I’d give this meal a try for sure.  Even at $18.


But, the thing that really catches my eye is the “infamous” Elvis Mac-Daddy Pancakes.  For $14, you get “pancakes topped with crisp bacon, bananas and peanut butter sauce.”  Wow, that will never go with Scotch.  I’d have to switch over to Mountain Dew to get one of those babies down.


So, there are three food specialties for the party.  There is another good thing in threes – Elvis movies.  MAC 24-7 is showing Blue Hawaii, Girls, Girls, Girls, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style, all of which take place in Hawaii.  Yes, I can handle a triple-play of Elvis movies, eating an Elvis Delight sandwich for lunch and a King Special meat loaf for supper while I watch.  When the movies are finished, I move over to the bar for drinking and dancing.  Elvis music will be playing there for twelve straight hours.

After a night of fun at “The King’s Birthday Party Festivities,” I should be tired and hungry.  I wonder if any of those fine women in attendance would like to join me for a cup of coffee… and an Elvis MAC-Daddy Pancake.  Who could resist one of these?








Guaranteed to get you gyrating.




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