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Two weeks ago, I posted an article that chronicled an element of Elvis’ stature and importance – his painting in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.  Hopefully, that respectful column will be enough to balance out this week’s post, which admittedly is stupid and irrelevant.

A late November ElvisBlog article covered M&M Elvis Christmas ornaments, some made by noted designer Kurt Alder.  The article ended with a picture of another Alder Elvis Christmas ornament, and I even made fun of it for obvious reasons.

Elvis Dancing Cow Christmas Ornament


To my surprise, this picture was picked up by  Even more surprising were all the links that came from that picture to ElvisBlog.  Every day, three or four people visited the site this way.  I was curious what category such a strange picture would be in, so I linked back.  There were several:  Dancing Cow, Silly Cows, Alder Elvis, and others.  I can’t imagine why anyone would be looking for images of silly cows, but I guess I’ve searched for some weird stuff myself.

Then, I decided to type “Cow Elvis” into the Google Images category search to see what would come up.  Here’s the best of what I found.


How do you like the jumpsuit on this one?  Too bad about the little flaw in the left photo up by the horn.  Check out the hair, sideburns and sunglasses, which are good, but it’s also got udders.  What’s up with that?  And what the heck is that companion cow in the other photo? 


 This one came from a food website, and it was something about special ways of serving beef.  Having a cow bring it to your table wouldn’t seem like such a good idea.  And I guess the stupid cow doesn’t know what’s on the platter he is carrying.


 This Cow Elvis even has a name:  “Love Me Tenderloin.”   The blue scarf is a nice touch.


Someone thinks this one looks like an Elvis cow, but I don’t really see it.  Sure, it’s holding a guitar, but what else?  The sunglasses aren’t in the Elvis style, and there is no jumpsuit or other Elvis clothes.  This cow almost didn’t make the cut.


 I’m not sure, but this looks like a real stuffed cow wearing an Elvis jumpsuit.  It’s hard to imagine why anyone would go to such trouble.

This one is obviously plastic and the sunglasses aren’t quite right.  However, it’s got good Elvis hair and a jumpsuit.


 This one is a bit of a stretch, because it is a Sea Cow Elvis.  I like the ’68 Comeback black leather and the guitar, so it gets selected for this pictorial essay.


Too bad this one doesn’t show more than the head.  We can see the sideburns and sunglasses, but I’d sure like to see a front shot.



Uh-oh, more udders.  In spite of that, this is my favorite Cow Elvis.  Boy, it does sound kind of stupid to say that.  I apologize to anyone offended, but remember, I did the Smithsonian article too, so cut me a break.  One other note: during my search, I found a Cow Madonna.  Somehow, that doesn’t sound so stupid.  (And you should see the udders on it.)

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