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Choose The Next Blog:  Your dedicated Elvis Blogmeister has not been very dedicated with another time-sensitive function – doing my taxes.  Now that I have put them off until the final eight days, it is time to get going.  I do this best with no other tasks to divide my attention, so I need to cop-out on next week’s ElvisBlog column.  It will still be posted, but instead of writing about anything, I will simply present a pictorial essay on an interesting Elvis subject.


And, you readers get to pick the subject.  Here are four topics from my files of Elvis photos.   I will probably never write a real article about any of them (except for Linda Thompson, but I’ll save half of her pictures for that).  I think you would find any of the choices interesting, and nobody has ever covered the first three before.


Bare-Chested Elvis


Elvis Impersonator Losers


Elvis Images Made from Weird Stuff.


Linda Thompson



Pick the one you would like to see and e-mail your choice to philarnold@charter.net.  The winning subject will be posted on April 12.



A New Way of Counting Hits:  Over the years, I have reported it when ElvisBlog passed significant milestones in the number of hits to the site.  However, it seems I have been using the wrong measurement.  My blogware reports something they call “Distinct Hosts Served,” which means the number of computers that visit a site.  That pretty much means the same as the number of people who visit a site.  There might be a slight undercount if several people use the same library computer to visit ElvisBlog in the same day, but that’s not very likely.


I have learned that most other website counters use “Page Views” when reporting hits.  My blogware does this, too, calling them by the charming name “HTML Requests.”  So, I’ve gone back to the beginning of ElvisBlog in January, 2005, and tabulated the total of all the monthly page views.  It turns out that another milestone has been passed.  As of February, 2009, ElvisBlog has surpassed 500,000 page views.  A half-a-million hits!  Thank you, folks.



Reader Lydia Gallion is this winner this time with the caption below.  There will be another contest next week.


Moments later, Elvis was doing the Jailhouse Rock.