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Postscripts to Earlier Elvisblogs — 2

With 287 articles now posted on ElvisBlog, it is pretty common to run into something on the web or elsewhere related to a topic we have already covered.  Here are some interesting ones:


Elvis’ Grandson Benjamin Keough:  A regular ElvisBlog reader, who doesn’t want her name mentioned, has sent me a recent photograph of Benjamin Keough.  I don’t know how she gets them, but I sure am glad they are coming here.  Lisa Marie’s only son and Elvis’ only grandson will be seventeen in October, and he looks much different than the younger photos we last posted.  What do you think, does he look like Elvis?


It’s a little late to wish Benjamin’s sister a happy birthday, but Danielle Riley Keough turned 20 on May 19th.  She already has a successful modeling career, and maybe someday we’ll be writing about Ben’s musical career.  I sure hope so.


Strange Elvis Searches on Google:  Shortly after posting this column in April, my eleven-year-old twin grandsons visited for the weekend.  We had fun in many ways including some time playing around on the computer.  I showed them ElvisBlog and filled them in on what it was.   They were already well versed in using Google, so I told them, “Google ‘elvis pimples,’ and see how high Grampa Phil’s blog comes up.  When they saw it was Number 2, they laughed and thought that was so cool.
You should have seen the fun we had when they typed in “elvis ripped his pants” and “elvis picked his nose.”  Believe it or not, it seems my grandkids have now become Elvis fans.  It’s nice to have something to share with them.


Strange Elvis Photos on Flickr:  Somebody linked to ElvisBlog from this picture on Flickr.  It was featured in Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets # 14.  As you can see, it is a roll of toilet paper that Elvis autographed.




The Flickr category was “Elvis on the Toilet,” and I couldn’t resist checking out the other photos they showed.  Here are a few:




Don’t you just love the Elvis toilet paper dispenser?  I’ll bet that doesn’t have the official EPE seal on it.  Here is my favorite photo from the Flickr series:



Parade Float with Elvis on Giant Inflatable Toilet


Buddy Holly and Elvis:   Here is a great quote by Buddy Holly that should have been in the February article:

 “Without Elvis, none of us could have made it.”

Bare-Chested Elvis:  Although this is a doctored photo, it would have been a nifty addition to the photo essay a month ago.


Do you women wish Elvis had a bod like this when he filmed all those beach movies?

One More Last Hall of Fame Pitch:  I read arguments in magazines and on the web about who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who doesn’t belong.  The argument against some singers is that they didn’t sing rock, they did soft pop.  Today, with all the options bringing us music, there are distinctly different broadcasts specializing on these two musical types and many more, like hard rock, rap, etc. But, back in the late 50s, all we had was AM radio, and every city had a rock and roll station.  I was 14 when I discovered Elvis and rock and roll music in 1956.  I listened to one of those rock and roll stations through all my high school years.  If it played on that station, it was rock and roll.  Including all the slow songs, as we called them, but now referred to as ballads.

So what’s the point?  Simply, that Pat Boone and Connie Francis belong in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Please don’t tell me no, no, they sang soft pop.  Wrong.  It was rock and roll back when it originally was played, so it should still be considered that today.  They belong in the Hall.

More From the Elvis Auction:  In March, we looked at the more significant items offered at the recent auction of Elvis memorabilia, but here is something else that’s pretty cool: Elvis Eau de Parfum

It was estimated to bring $100-200, but it went for $547.  No doubt the price was high because of the unique designer bottle.

DJ Fontana in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:  Here is a picture of DJ and his lovely wife Karen walking on the red carpet into the induction ceremonies last month.  Don’t they both look great?  DJ probably wished they would have just sent him the award, but I know Karen enjoyed every minute of the event.



Hello, My Name is F#@+&#  Y#@&:   Johnny Cash has been mentioned on ElvisBlog a few times, but this picture has nothing to do with any of the articles.  I don’t think I’ll ever come up with a logical Elvis-connected reason to post it, so here it is, anyway.

There must have been some bad hecklers in the crowd that night.

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