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Happy 4th of July, Elvis

You get to read an extra column this week.  In five years of doing ElvisBlog, I’ve never had such an abundance of articles as right now.  For weeks, I’ve been sitting on a story about Elvis’ last concert, planning to post it this past Sunday, close to the date of the concert, June 26, 1977.  That makes it the 32nd anniversary.  Not a big one, but a good excuse to write the article, anyway.

Then Michael Jackson died, and ElvisBlog just had to do a quick story on Michael and Lisa Marie instead.   But, on the same day as he died, there was a huge auction of Hollywood memorabilia that contained three dozen Elvis items and about a dozen for Michael Jackson.  So, that story had to be covered while it was hot, and it will appear next Sunday, July 5.  Elvis’ last concert had to be pushed back not one week, but two, to the following Sunday, July 12.

Which means — a special Elvis 4th of July tribute has to be posted now.


Speaking of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie, there is one interesting thing to report.  For a few days, ElvisBlog was the #4 ranked site by Google for the search item, “Did Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson have sex?”  I feel kind of weird to be proud of that, but I am.


A lot of Photoshop people have come up with clever ideas with patriotic Elvis themes.  If anyone who created one of these picture has a problem with them being seen on ElvisBlog, let me know and I’ll take them off.  Actually, I’m thinking you’ll be proud to have lots of Elvis fans appreciating your art.



The 4th of July was an important date for Elvis.  In fact, it is the date that his career got started.  On July 4, 1954, at Sam Phillips suggestion, Elvis went over to Scotty Moore’s house and did an impromptu audition.  Bill Black also dropped in, but he and Scotty were not overly impressed.  However, Sam Phillips decided it might be worth another try at the studio.  On July 5, Elvis, Scotty and Bill recorded “That’s All Right,” and the rest is history.


Are these Elvis Photoshop artists good, or what?  I really should be giving them credit and a link.  Let me know and I will.


I will end this article with a YouTube video.  It is a film showing the demolition of the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas on November 13, 2007.  This was where Col. Parker booked Elvis to perform back in May 1956.  It didn’t go so well, and Elvis didn’t come back to Vegas to perform again until 1969.  The 1956 appearance is an interesting story you can read about here.

The cool thing about the YouTube video is that it blends July 4th fireworks with the demolition.  I’ve watched this vide a bunch of times, and as the walls of the Frontier tumble down, I always say “Good bye, Elvis.”


(Editor's note:  Check out the 2010 salute “Happy Independence Day, Elvis”)


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