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My thanks go out to Tygrrius, chief blogger honcho at for posting a guest article on ElvisBlog a few days ago.  It is the second time he's appeared here, but the last time we just swapped earlier blog articles from our sites.  Some day, when my wife's health problems are clearly in the past, I will have to pay Ty back.  I'm not into sci-fi the way he is, but the challange to come up with something appropriate for his blog will be fun.

On the news this morning, I heard that it is the 40th anniversary of the Beatle's Abbey Road album.   I have a few pictures in my Altered Elvis photoshop file, so now is a good time to share them with you.



Of course, you Beatle fans will remember that the boys walked from left to right the album cover.  So, this had to be an alternate shot that some Photoshop jockey found.  Of all the photos of Elvis to add to the scene, why did he pick this one in the ugly plaid coat?


This one obviously has nothing to do with Abbey Road, but it is interesting.  However, what kind of band has four guitar players and no drummer?


This is my favorite Elvis/Beatles picture.  Looks like John Lennon travelled to Germany to meet with Elvis and sing some tunes for him.  Very well done.

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