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Elvis Week always awakens the fans' interest in Elvis, and many of them go to the internet to connect with him.  Consequently, August 16 is always the busiest day of the year for traffic on ElvisBlog, and the days immediately before and after are big ones, too.  So, there really needs to be something new posted for you folks to enjoy.

I am 900 miles from home, living in a hospital room with my wife after open-heart surgery.  She is doing fine now after several scary setbacks.  I'm finally in the right frame of mind to write, but all my files of story ideas are back home.  So, here is an easy blog using pictures saved in the hard drive of my laptop.  You will be amazed at all the diffent stuff artists have used to depict Elvis.



Can you believe this outstanding bust is constructed from matchsticks?  Its creator is Scottish artist David Mach.


This Elvis statue is made out of butter.  A whole lot of butter.  I don't know who the lady who made it is.


How about an earthenware Elvis teapot?  Looks homemade by someone named Jack Earl.


Believe it or not, this is the best of three different balloon Elvises I found on the internet.


This media for one is hard to decipher, but the website where I found it said it was made entirely out of pieces of toast, with more or less toasting to get the different shades.  I wish I hadn't cropped off the man on the left (a bit of blue clothing shows), because it would show you how big this art item is.  Huge.



Staying with the toast theme, this Elvis art was created by scratching off part of the surface the toast on a peanut butter and nanner sandwich.  People think of the strangest things.


This is barely recognizable as Elvis wearing his famous sunglasses.  It is made entirely of tiny puzzle pieces.


How strange is this one?  Look close and you will see that Elvis' image is created with stereo and electronic equiptment. 



If you had a million guesses, you would never guess what this Elvis art is made from:  crushed Cheeze Puffs. 


You'll have to take my word for it, but this Elvis picture is made from hundreds of little Elvis pictures. 


This isn't the best image of Elvis, but considering what it is made from, the artist accomplished a lot.  We can call this one Organic Elvis because it is made from stuff like poppy seeds, grits and pine needles.


Our last example of Mixed Media Elvis Art should be the favorite for many people:  Chocolate Elvis.


Happy Elvis Week everybody.


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