In earlier Elvisblog articles, we have looked at odd Elvis websites.  The group we will look at this time are not weird at all, so you may enjoy taking some time to check them out.


ELVIS IS EVERYWHERE:  This is a sentiment expressed on ElvisBlog numerous times, and the website Geocities.com/Multielvi offers graphic proof of its accuracy.  Here is a collection of photagraphs taken by two fans who travelled around the country.  They had their camera ready as they found lots of Elvis statues, pictures, signs and other stuff.

ELVIS JUMPSUIT INDEX:  There are a number of websites that cover Elvis’s jumpsuits thoroughly.  The reason I like ElvisConcerts.com is because you can click on “Engagement Reference,” and you get a drop-down list of every Elvis concert from 1969 to 1977.  If you want to know what jumpsuit Elvis wore at a particular show, scroll down to it and click.  Not only will you get the jumpsuit name, in many cases there are pictures as well.  And if you care, there is information on the venue, the attendance, the song list and more.


CARICATURES OF ELVIS:  For years I have collected Elvis caricatures on my hard drive files.  I assembled them from dozens of websites.  Then I discovered AboutFacesEntertainers.com, which had 114 of them, including almost every one in my file.  Check them out and see which ones are your favorites.

A PRISCILLA PHOTO ALBUM:  There are infinitely more photographs of Priscilla than there are Elvis caricatures, and no one site has them all.  However, if you would like to browse through 51 photos of Priscilla at all ages, you should try SimplyCilla.com.


RARE ELVIS RECORDS, CDs and MOVIE MEMORABILIA:  There are several websites that cover Elvis collectibles, but I thought it was interesting that one of these sites would be done by a man in Germany (remember, Elvis is everywhere).  So, I hope you enjoy checking out Rare-Elvis.de


ASK THE ELVIS EXPERTS:  I enjoy reading this site, because fans can come up with the darndest questions about Elvis.  The first time you check out AllExperts.com, you might want to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “All.”  An index of all Elvis question topics covered since 2004 pops up, and you can just click on the ones that interest you.  Later, you can do like me and have fun reading just the newer questions that have come in since the last visit.


THE ELVIS INN IN JERUSALEM:  Yes, this is another reminder that Elvis is everywhere.  Here are a few outside and inside pictures of the Elvis Inn located in Jerusalem.  Do you think they used enough images of Elvis?  I have no idea why this website is called InfiniteTadpole.com.

CROCHET YOUR OWN ELVIS DOLL:  Strange as it seems to me, there are apparently enough Elvis fans out there who also crochet to support sales of a pattern for making a fifteen-inch-tall Elvis doll.  KathleenEarly.com advises that it is made using simple, well-known stitches.  I like the way it stands up for display by cleverly using a wire mic cord for balance.


PARTY TIME WITH ELVIS:  If you want to do an Elvis theme party, here is the website for you.  PartyThemeShop.com has decorations, games, recipes, puzzles and everything else Elvis fans could want.

LOTS OF ELVIS STAMPS:  You would be amazed at how many countries have issued Elvis stamps.  But, if you check out CoolStamps.com, you will find out.


This one is from Kazakhstan.  Remember, Elvis is everywhere.


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