Last week I predicted that Cirque du Soleil’s new Elvis show in Las Vegas would be called either “E” or “TCB.”  It looks like that was a bad guess.  According to Steve Friess on his website, the name will be “Viva Elvis.”  Although he says he found this out from the show’s creator-director, he did additional detective work to verify his scoop.  He checked with a registry of website domain names and found out that Cirque du Soleil owns these three:

So, I think Mr. Freiss may be right.  Cirque du Soleil is keeping quiet about the name, but it seems pretty likely it will be “Viva Elvis.”  EPE has to be pleased with that.  They weren’t too happy when the Viva Viagra ads appeared on TV, using rewritten lyrics to the Elvis’ signature song “Viva Las Vegas”.  This is a good way to reclaim the Viva connection to Elvis.

Here is a shot of the theater at the Aria Hotel Casino where “Viva Elvis” will be performed.


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