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For almost two months, Google searches about Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson made a June 26 article I wrote about them more popular than any other story on ElvisBlog.  Then, two weeks ago, order was restored when a favorite old article featuring Elvis photos moved back into first place.  Although it’s been nice having all those Michael Jackson fans check in, this blog is written for Elvis fans.

So, here is another photo spread similar to the one you Elvis fans like.  Let’s look at two variations of some interesting topics.  See which on you like best.

Wild Sunglasses:


The upside-down glasses come from the filmed rehearsal footage taken for “That’s the Way It Is.”  You can see Elvis wearing them like this in the video.

Water Sports:


Elvis had a pretty tight body when he was young.  What do you think, girls, good-looking legs?


Elvis/Mickey Mouse:


Well, you can have Mickey in an Elvis jumpsuit, or you can have Elvis in Mickey Mouse ears.

Funny Hats:


Several photos of Elvis in that white hat show up on the internet, including one of him and Linda Thompson on a motorcycle. 


Altered Archeological Treasures:


The Photoshop folks did a good job on Michelangelo’s statue of David.  My wife and I saw the real thing in Florence last year, and he could have used a guitar to cover up his goodies.



What surprises me is that I haven’t found any similar pictures of Elvis as Captain Marvell Jr.  Elvis had a significant connection to him, and none for Superman that I know of.

Elvis and Jesus:


It sure looks like something is shooting out of Elvis’ finger — like he is smiting somebody with his wrath.  This is probably in bad taste, so if anyone is offended, I’m sorry.


Retro Movie Stills:


After all the fine-looking women Elvis had in his movies, Barbra Streisand would be a big comedown.  Let Kris Kristofferson have her.  

Worst Looking Elvis Tribute Artist:


Have you ever seen worse bling on an Elvis Tribute Artist than the guy on the left?  That is a string of little plastic junk.  It’s hard to pick what is the worse part of the guy on the right, but I guess I’ll take the hair.


Shadowy Images:


I really like these two pictures.  Elvis’ face is so distinctive and well-known that it doesn’t take much for us to recognize him.


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