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It’s starting to look like Postscripts will be an ElvisBlog feature every three months or so.  New stuff keeps popping up that relates to old columns.  That is likely to happen now with over 300 articles posted since February, 2005.  It would have been nice to know about these items back when I did the original writing, but it’s also fun to go over them here.  Plus, where it is appropriate, I’ll go back into the archives and add any new photos to the old article.


An Elvis T-Shirt in Braille:

Back in July, 2008, I posted a column on my 15 favorite Elvis T-shirts.  If this one had been available then, the list would have increased to 16.  This is a real T-shirt, not a joke, but I don’t know how many people who read it will know that is Braille spelling Elvis on front (unless they get real close and see (elvis) in small print.  And blind people can’t use their fingers to read it, because the dots are printed on, not embroidered or something where you can feel it.  Anyway, this is a clever, unusual idea.


Elvis in the Funny White Hat, Again:

Just last week, I posted a photo of Elvis in a floppy white hat, and I mentioned that there were other pictures out there showing him wearing the hat in different scenes.  Well, how about this one?  We can’t see who the woman is, but Linda Thompson does appear in one of the other white hat pictures.


Another Aid for Hosting the Perfect Elvis Party:

Three weeks ago, we looked at, which has decorations, games, recipes, puzzles and everything else Elvis fans could want.  Well, now we find that there is also a kit titled, “Host Your Own Elvis Night Tribute Party.”  Included is an audio CD with Elvis Karaoke sing-alongs and Elvis memorabilia/trivia games.  But my favorite item in the party kit is “tips to turn your house into Graceland’s Jungle Room.”   You can get yours for just $19 at



How To Make A Painting of Elvis Using Crushed Cheese Puffs:

Last month, one of the features in “Mixed Media Elvis Art” was a portrait made from Cheese Puffs.  Recently, I discovered a U-Tube video showing how the artist, EclecticAsylumArt, did it.





A Super Memento from Elvis’ Last Concert:

Three months ago we looked at Elvis’ last concert on June 26, 1977, at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.  The article mentioned a time capsule erected on the site, and one of the articles a fan donated to put in it.  It was a scarf Elvis threw to her during the concert.  I wonder if it was autographed like this one:


Elvis and Nipper:

An article from May, 2008, took a look at a review of Elvis’ first live concert appearance in Los Angeles on October 28, 1957, by LA Mirror-News entertainment editor Dick Williams.  Williams titled his review, “6000 KIDS CHEER ELVIS' FRANTIC SEX SHOW,” and he made the ridiculous assertion that “Elvis writhed in complete abandon, hair hanging down over his face.  He got down on the floor with a huge replica of the RCA singing dog and made love to it as if it were a girl.”  Months later, I found a photo of Nipper (the RCA dog) and went back and added it to the article.  Here is another one I will be adding.



Better Photo of TCB Band Member John Wilkinson:

Back in May, I campaigned for all members of the TCB Band to be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the Sideman category.  Guitarist James Burton has been a member of the Rockhall since 2001, so drummer Ronnie Tutt, piano player Glen D. Hardin, bassist Jerry Scheff and rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson should be recognized as well. I illustrated the article with photos of Elvis with each of the band members.  Unfortunately, the only one I had of John Wilkinson was dark and fuzzy.  This one is much better.

Elvis and Michael Jackson Spotted in Hiding Together?:

As mentioned twice previously, I’m not crazy about having the count of visitors to ElvisBlog swelled by Michael Jackson fans linking from Google.  However, there are lots of MJ fans that keep wanting to know about him and Lisa Marie, a subject I covered in an article back on June 28, 2009.

Also, I don’t really like the “Elvis is still alive and living incognito” thing anymore.  It was fun for a few years after his death, but now it is just silly.  However, some clever person came up with a picture that really made me laugh.  I will delete this one pretty soon, before the Michael Jackson fans start linking to it.



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