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In addition to being fans of Elvis Presley, some of the regular Elvisblog readers are also fans of his grandson Benjamin Keough.   They must appreciate it when we post new photos of Ben, because now they are sending in other photos they have found on the web.  Here are a few new ones.  


These three photos were taken when Benjamin, his mom Lisa, and his grandmother Priscilla left a restuarant in London recently.   It's too bad the one taken through the car window has so much glare, because he really looks like Elvis in it.




These next two appear to be taken at the birthday bash thrown by popular singer Ryan Cabrera this summer.  Benjamin's sister, Riley Keough, had dated Ryan for some time, and he and Benjamin seem to have become friends.  Just a guess, but do you think Cabrera's influence had as much to do with Ben's decision to pursue a career in music as did his famous heritage?



Last week we looked at a comparison of two tight shots of Elvis and Benjamin to see how much resemblance there was.  Let's try it again with the two photos above.



There is now a story going around on some forums that the news about Benjamin signing a $5 million recording contract is not true.  First, an unnamed spokesman for Lisa Marie supposedly said it ain't so.  Then, the People magazine website posted this denial by Peter LoFrumento, Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group, “This story is totally untrue.” 

To be continued.


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