The Tiny Elvis-head Challenge

I have grumbled here before about small Elvis toys, dolls, figurines, etc, that do not look like Elvis.  Of course, I understand the difficulty of reproducing the features of a familiar face on a one inch glob of plastic.  However, I keep hoping someone will pull it off – hoping they will meet what might be called the tiny Elvis-head challenge.

So, I had great expectations when an e-mail newsletter came in from announcing a new Christmas gift item — Elvis Presley Bobbleheads from Funko.  I clicked on the link to, and saw that there were six of them.  The small photos of each looked somewhat promising.



The first two celebrated the “Classic 50s Elvis” and the “68 Special Elvis.”  When I zoomed in on their pictures, this is what I got:

image          image

So, what do you think?  I think 50s Elvis is better than 68 Elvis because of the hair and the smile – a little touch of the famous Elvis lip curl.  Both would have been improved with blue eyes and smaller eyebrows.  68 Elvis looks like he has two black caterpillars resting on his forehead.

Next came “Nodniks,” which I had never heard of, but the promo said they are the next big thing with young collectors.

image          image

Well, they certainly did a good job on the eyes of Aloha Elvis and Jailhouse Elvis, but the marshmallow-shaped head just doesn’t work for me.  In spite of that, ShopElvis proclaims, “this will be one of the hottest Nodniks ever introduced.”  Obviously, I am not in the demographic they target for these.

The last three bobbleheads were “Jailhouse Rock Elvis,” “Elvis Wacky Wobbler Bobble Car,” and “Aloha from Hawaii Elvis.”

image     image     image

Aloha Elvis is pretty weak, but the other two are okay.  Jailhouse Rock Elvis certainly has captured the look of Elvis’ hair.  But, with the gold lamé coat and the pink Cadillac, Bobble Car Elvis strikes my fancy best.  I am also struck with the thought that Elvis probably holds the world’s record for collectible items depicting its subject in a prison uniform. also offers one other Elvis bobblehead, but in this case the whole body bobbles, not just the head.  Here is the Dashboard Elvis Wobbler:


I wish this one was a little bit more realistic.  The hair looks like a football helmet, but the sunglasses and Aloha American eagle jumpsuit make it clear that this little guy is Elvis.

Next, I decided to check out Elvis figurine Christmas ornaments to see how their tiny Elvis-heads compared against the Bobbleheads.  It may not be a fair comparison, because their heads were only one-third the size, making the challenge so much more difficult.  Here are the face close-ups for “68 Comeback,” “Live in Las Vegas,” and “Christmas Gold Lame” ornaments:

image  image  image

I’m sorry, but the latter two just don’t cut it for me.  However, considering that the 68 Comeback face is done on about one-half inch of blown glass, they did a pretty good job on that one.  Next we have “Red Jumpsuit,” Viva Las Vegas,” and “Silver Jacket.”

image     image   image

It’s time to start over on “Viva Las Vegas Elvis,” but the other two aren’t too bad.  Say, how come there is no Jailhouse Rock Christmas ornament?  Maybe next year.

So, we have a few items that do fairly well in the tiny Elvis-head challenge.  There is one other Christmas item that definitely does not.  Below is the “Elvis Black Mini Nutcracker.

image          image 

Let’s get real.  If the base didn’t have the word Elvis on it, would you have any idea this was an Elvis collectible?  That face not only doesn’t look like Elvis, it looks like some kind of evil mutant anti-Santa.

To end this article on a high note, I want to show my favorite little Elvis collectible.

image          image

As you can see, it is the Jumpsuit Elvis Pez dispenser.  It’s got the hair and sideburns right, and the high jumpsuit collar helps.  The nose and mouth are on the money, and the sunglasses perfect the look.  Jumpsuit Elvis Pez was part of a three-part set, but young Elvis and Army Elvis didn’t look much like him, so I threw them away. 
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Jumpsuit Elvis Pez sits on my desk and inspires me each time as I write these blogs.  It is still my champ of the tiny Elvis-head challenge.
©  2009    Philip R Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister    All Rights Reserved

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