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Cakes — Elvis' 75th Birthday Photo Review

I’m going to have fun checking out what a number of my favorite websites do to celebrate Elvis’ 75th birthday.  I’m sure there will be some great retrospectives and well-written eulogies.  That’s fine, but I’m not going to get so serious about it.  Let’s just start with the official Graceland 75th Birthday Cake and expand from there.

Back in early December, EPE announced a cake designing contest, with the winning cake to be unveiled and served on January 8 at Graceland.  Four finalists were selected, and we fans were able to vote on line for our favorites.  Here is the sketch of the cake that won the prize:


 I’m sure the actual cake will look much better than this drawing. Here’s a little description to help you appreciate it.  Stars shoot out of the top around a big Elvis in script.  Dangling just below this are little TCB lightning bolts.  I like that touch.  Then there is the first of several Elvis silhouettes in blue suede icing.  Dropping lower we have the American Eagle from the Aloha for Hawaii jumpsuit cape, followed by the gates of Graceland, more silhouettes and a bunch of white icing.  Over three feet tall.

When Graceland posts a photo of the actual cake, I’ll add a link to it here.  However,  I voted for a different cake.

This one has a even worse drawing, but it features a lot of clothing synonymous with Elvis.   You’ve got the Army hat.  Then there are two jumpsuit capes coming down the sides.  A little Elvis is there in his Jailhouse Rock outfit in front of open cell doors.  His head is framed by an iconic jumpsuit belt buckle.  The design finishes up with blue-suede shoes on top of a wide bottom layer of cake covered with icing in the flowery pattern of his Blue Hawaii shirt.  I can’t  guess what the white blobby-looking thing to the left of the guitar is.  At almost four feet tall, this one is a giant uncoordinated mess, which is why I voted for it.

Here are a few birthday cakes folks have created to honor Elvis.


I like the little gold icing Elvis silhouette and the little miniature records and guitars. But, how hard must it be to make a little Elvis head out of icing?  Pretty hard, by the looks of this one.  Elvis never had hair that looked like a Kewpie Doll.


These two get awards for clever use of cut-out Elvis pictures incorporated into the cake design.


Believe it or not, the hound dog is cake.  Notice the little doggie bowl on the bottom left.  And the teddy bear next to it.  All good connections to Elvis, but is that thing in front of the dog an Army helmet?  Bad choice.  And what’s with the fat head poking out from under a Stars and Stripes blanket?

ElvisBlog is big on anniversaries.  Here is a picture of Elvis holding his 25th birthday cake in 1960.  He was still in the Army in Germany at this time.

I guess you could call this the Elvis 25th birthday 50th anniversary celebration.  That’s a couple of major ones.

Here’s two photos of Elvis and his 23rd birthday cake.


These were taken on the set of King Creole in New Orleans, 1958.  That is co-star Delores Hart on the left.  Not sure who the other lovely lady on the right is.  It looks like Elvis sat down to cut his cake, but lit up a cigar instead.  I’ll bet Elvis got some good presents for his 23rd birthday.

I wish he was around now to get some for his 75th.

Happy Birthday, Elvis.


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