A Chance to Use the Photos in the Graceland Gates File

I save Elvis-related photos on the assumption that sooner or later I will be able to use them as illustrations for something in the news.  Within the past week, something did happen to the gates of Graceland, so enjoy the pictures.

According to a report on ElvisNews.com, “At around 2.30 a.m. on Friday morning, April 2, a black SUV drove through the Graceland Gates, in Memphis, Tennessee, damaging them. The occupant(s) then drove up to the mansion, shouted something to a female Security Guard and then drove off.”

The damage to the gates was rather minimal, primarily to the connecting hardware that holds the gates to the brick walls.  In the picture below, you can see the gate is dragging on the ground.  Supposedly there is also a small hole in the gate, but that is not visible on these views


Gate Sitting on Ground                              Crew Repairing Graceland Gates   

The folks at EPE jumped right into action to get the gates restored, and now you would never know anything happened.  Here are some photos of the gates in perfect shape.


Elvis in front of the Graceland Gates



           Gates At Night                                      Long Shot of Graceland and the Gates

Here are two other photos that might have worked for the ElvisBlog Caption Contest, but we’ll use them here.  Let’s hope these two fans being carried out through the gates didn’t suffer from anything too serious.



A Hole in the Graceland Wall


It takes a really bad driver to run into the Graceland wall and a really stupid one to ram the Graceland gates.  They’ve got security cameras going there 24/7, you know.


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