Robert Patrick — Acting Roles as Elvis' Dad and Old Elvis

If you happen to be home next Monday, April 12, at 4:30, you are in for a treat.  Turn on Showtime and watch Lonely Street.  See if this review by John Biefuss on doesn’t make you want to see it: 

“The comic murder mystery stars Robert Patrick as a healthy 70-something Elvis who faked his own death and has traded peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches for wheat grass and Tai Chi.”

Wow, that’s a different kind of Elvis.  Are you interested yet?  The review continues:

“People like Elvis again,” the aged Presley comments.  “Been back to Graceland, in disguise…”

What do you think?  Doesn’t it sound like it could be interesting — if it isn’t some real low-budget schlocky mess?  If you need any further convincing, read this fan review by Jay Levesque:

“I really wanted to see this when I read that there was some Elvis content. At first I thought it was going to be some really lame movie.  It exceeded my expectations and I loved it! … we laughed pretty good!  I will be watching this again.   The King is portrayed by Patrick just perfectly.   We never got to know what Elvis would have been like had he lived, but I believe this is as good and believable as it could get.  He even looks like a well aged Elvis.  A wonderful job! I love this movie, I really do!  It was well thought out by people who actually are Elvis fans otherwise they wouldn't have done such a good job.”

After I read that, I knew there was no way I’m missing it.  Are you starting to think about a way to get off work early on Monday and watch a movie with Old Elvis in it?  What if Old Elvis looked like this:

Robert Patrick as 70-Something Elvis in Lonely Street


Now I know for sure you are trying to figure a way to cut out from work early on Monday and watch this movie.

Robert Patrick as Old Elvis is not the main character of the story.  In fact, he is not even on the DVD cover: 

Who was the genius that had that remarkable picture of Old Elvis and didn’t put it on the cover.  Do you think it might have helped them sell a few more copies?   Probably sell a lot more, if I know Elvis fans.

You might appreciate a brief synopsis of the plot in Lonely Street.  Here is one by D-Man2010:

Bumbling PI, Bubba Mabry (Jay Mohr), will take any assignment to pay the rent, so when JG (Mike Starr) offers him some serious cash to protect a mystery client from an overzealous reporter, Bubba thinks he's got it made…but he gets more than he bargained for when he discovers his client is Elvis, aka “Mr. Aaron” (Robert Patrick) who has faked his death and is planning a comeback.




If you can’t quite place who Robert Patrick is, here is a picture of him in another role you might remember.

T-1000 from Terminator 2

Now you know who we’re talking about, and there is more interesting stuff about Robert Patrick.  Not only has he played Elvis in a movie, he also played Elvis’ father, Vernon, in one.  Do you remember the two-night TV movie in 2005, Elvis, starring Jonathon Rhys Meyers?  Well, check out Patrick as Vernon Presley.


     Gladys and Vernon in Elvis                               Priscilla, Elvis and Vernon

Think about the unique experience it must have been for Robert Patrick to portray both Elvis’ Dad and Old Elvis.  I’m glad he does them both well.

So, I hope you will enjoy Lonely Street as much as I plan to.  And then I’ll probably dig out the Elvis DVD and watch it again, too.


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