Hard Rock Cafe Displays Elvis Clothing Around the World


Every once in a while I check out the Hard Rock Café website.  You might find it interesting as well.  One tab I suggest you click on is “Memorabilia,” which contains photos and descriptions of 1452 items on display at Hard Rocks around the world.  If you don’t care about the memorabilia of Guns ‘N Roses, Motley Crue, etc., you can simplify things by clicking on Elvis Presley in the Featured Artists box.  Follow the instructions to navigate through the items, but if you find it a bit confusing and unwieldy (I did at first), ElvisBlog is happy to present the cool Elvis clothing on display at seventeen worldwide Hard Rock Cafés.


Cozumel, Mexico


Amsterdam. Holland


St. George’s Bay, Malta


Cartenaga, Columbia



London, England



Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt



Bogota, Columbia



Warsaw, Poland


New Delhi, India



 Munich, Germany    



Hyperabad, India



Osaka, Japan



Athens, Greece



Republic of Singapore



Beirut, Lebanon



Gothenburg, Sweden



Rome, Italy



I will apologize for some of the editorial comments in the stories about the articles of clothing.  Of course, a few Elvis movies weren’t so hot, but most did not suck.  And the idea that any of Elvis’ fashion tastes were influenced by John Lennon is ridiculous.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the sartorial travelogue.  It illustrated two things:  One, Elvis is everywhere, and Two, ElvisBlog is where you find the most unusual Elvis articles on the web.


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