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Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 6


It’s interesting how I regularly uncover pictures on the internet that would have made great illustrations for stories posted just weeks or months earlier.  I guess that is the inevitable result of spending too much time cruising around looking for Elvis content.


Too Busy in the Army to Take in the Opera:

In the June 20 ElvisBlog column, we quoted Elvis’ response in the New York Times when a reporter questioned if he had been to any opera while a soldier stationed in Germany.  He replied, “I was just too tired at night to go anywhere.”  Well, he did have time for a different kind of musical theater.

image            image 

Elvis and Friends at Lido club in Paris, 1959


They had some pretty good seats, didn’t they?


If You Don’t Like Mr. Potato Head Elvis, How About This?

I noticed that some of the other blogs about Elvis thought the Elvis Mr. Potato Head was a terrible idea.  If so, then what is this?

image               image 

This is LEGO’s Custom Minifigure, Las Vegas Edition, and it can be yours for just $13.  It will not be joining Pez Elvis, M&M Elvis, and Mr. Potato Head Elvis in the display above my writing desk.

Somebody Already Thought of a Silly Bandz Elvis:

In that ElvisBlog story about Mr. Potato Head Elvis, I made a suggestion for an Elvis silhouette that would make a good Silly Bandz.  It turns out that a competitor already had an Elvis shape as part of their “Guess Who” set.



Dead Elvis for Bassoon:

Back in April, we looked at a symphony orchestra performance of “Dead Elvis.”  In many cities where this composition is performed, it features the bassoon player wearing an Elvis jumpsuit.   I showed two examples, one had a minus zero on the Elvis scale and the other was a bit better.  Here is a much better looking bassoon-playing Elvis.



What Elvis Would Look Like at 75:

A lot of time has passed since January 8, but the post with the above title consistently shows up in the daily list of most popular ElvisBlog articles.  Fans really seem to be interested in what Elvis would look like at 75 years old.  Here are two more images I have found.

image             image


The Champagne Flowed at Elvis’ Wedding Reception Redo:

On May 30, I posted a story on the second wedding reception Priscilla and Elvis had at Graceland to make up for not inviting many of their friends to the original event in Las Vegas.  We noted that the Memphis party had lots of champagne.  Some smart guest had the sense to get Elvis to autograph one of the empty champagne bottles.



Variation on the Elvis Wedding Cake:

In the wedding reception redo article, we compared the cakes at each one.  However, I guess you could also call this another Elvis wedding cake variation.  One of the newlyweds is obviously a huge Elvis fan.  How would your spouse have liked it if you had asked to have an Elvis figurine on your wedding cake?  Mine would have killed me.




In Search of Historic Elvis:

The first picture is from a December, 2009, ElvisBlog story.  It appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and was obviously a joke.  The second picture didn’t have any descriptive text with it on the web page where I found it, but this has to be a joke too, right?

image                         image


In the movie Loving You, which we covered here in a June 6 blog column, there is a major character portrayed by actor Wendell Corey.  As I viewed the movie to capture certain shots, I was struck with how much this country singer reminded me of another movie character in the theaters now.  See if you see the resemblance.

image                         image  

Wendell Corey in Loving You                          Woody in Toy Story 3          


While we are doing look-a-likes, do you remember Martin Short’s classic character on Saturday Night Live?  This is kind of freaky.

image                           image

    Ed Grimley                                         Elvis Grimley?


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