ElvisBlog News — 7/14/10


One Million Hits:

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I haven’t done any ElvisBlog News articles since April last year.  It seemed like it was just a vehicle for bragging, so I backed off until there was something really big to report. 


Well, now there is.


ElvisBlog recently passed 1,000,000 total hits since its start back in February 2005.  Readership growth each year has been excellent and shows no signs of leveling off.  New Elvis fans continue to discover ElvisBlog and must like it, because they are coming back as regular readers.


As I explained in the last News, the hits count is based on what my blogware shows as Total Page Views.  I believe this is how other sites measure hits, as well.  Elvisblog has passed the 45,000 page views per month level, so the 2 million mark should be reached before the end of next year.


I recently discovered two websites that can tell you how your site ranks compared to all of them out there on the internet.  I typed in the ElvisBlog URL, and the results were very gratifying.  www.sitelogr.com  says ElvisBlog ranks #568,016in the world.  www.siteluck.com  tallies it at #589,678.  That may not sound so good until you consider how many websites there are worldwide.  SiteLuck.com displays a list of recent searches, and one website was #24,000,000 + on the list.  So, ElvisBlog must be in the top 2 or 3 % in the world.  I’ll take that.


Thanks to all you readers for your continued support.



Phil Arnold

Original Elvis Blogmeister:  ElvisBlog


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