Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets — # 16

I haven’t done any Mini-Nuggets for a year now, and I miss it.  They are always fun little stories.  And now, most of them have pictures.  Here are four good ones.


Geraldo Rivera and Elvis:

Last weekend, Fox News did two hours of specials celebrating Geraldo Rivera’s forty years in the TV business.  During his career, Geraldo had several Elvis-related events. 

In 1979, Geraldo Rivera was an investigative reporter on ABC’s news-magazine 20/20.  It had been two years since Elvis died, and Geraldo was aware of the silly stuff going around that Elvis wasn’t really dead.  So, he put together a show called “The Elvis Cover-Up,” and it become 20/20’s highest rated program with 43% of the total network audience.  “The Elvis Cover-Up” also established a TV newsmagazine ratings record that stood for 21 years.  I love the program that finally beat it — Barbara Walters’ exclusive interview with Monica Lewinsky.

Geraldo had so much success with his Elvis show, that he went back to the well a few more times and presented these programs:  “Elvis Cover-Up #2” and “The Legend Sells.”


In 1987 the Geraldo Rivera Show premiered, and it went on for over 2000 episodes.  Geraldo returned to Elvis once more in 1992, when he hosted a group of Elvis Impersonators.  (They weren’t referred to as Elvis Tribute Artists until years later.)  Not to be outshined by his guests, Geraldo hosted the show wearing a white jumpsuit with a gold cape.  It appears to be an original design, not a copy of an Elvis style.  It figures he still has that Elvis jumpsuit hanging in one of his closets.  Do you think he ever puts it on and does a little Karaoke?   I’ll bet he does.

Geraldo Rivera has bragged that he and Elvis are among the small group of people instantly recognized by their first name alone.


Bad News Ladies’ T-Shirt: 

Last week we looked at fifteen Elvis Tees on ShopElvis.com I like.  However, there was also one that just weirds me out.  It is called “Stage Dance Ladies Red T-Shirt.”  Even the name is strange.

Stage Dance Ladies Red T-Shirt

The website says it features a black-tone image of Elvis performing on stage with a yellow streak through the center.  But, look at the image.  Given just a quick look, you might think Elvis is being enveloped by a giant feather, or banana or a phallic symbol.  Who approved this one?  No wonder it was recently marked down by $5.

Bling, Elvis Style:

There was a fantastic piece of Elvis jewelry up for auction in England earlier this year.  This pendant was given to Elvis on closing night of his 1975 run at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.   The person who gave it to Elvis was Barron Hilton, co-chairman of the Hilton Hotel group.  Later, he would be known as the grandfather of Paris Hilton.


Elvis’ St. Gaudens Gold and Diamond Pendant


At the center of the pendant is an exceptionally rare 1924 St. Gaudens $20 US gold coin, named after the designer, famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  It is among the most collectible coins in the world, worth $1,600 to $2,500, depending on rarity and condition.

The larger circle around the coin is 870 grams of solid gold.  There are 12 round-cut brilliant diamonds in a ring around the coin.  And, at the top of the medallion, there are forty round-cut diamonds spelling out E L V I S.  The total weight of the diamonds is 2.60 ct.

The pre-auction estimate was 750,000 to 1,000,000 pounds.  Although the minimum bid was 360,000 pounds, the auction website says the final bid was only 60,000 pounds ($96,000).  I don’t get it.  Sounds too cheap.


Elvis in Rainfall Jumpsuit Wearing his St. Gaudens Gold Medallion


Another Wertheimer Exhibition:



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will unveil its latest exhibit devoted to the King of Rock and Roll — ELVIS 1956.  Here’s what the RockHall website says about it.

As a part of the Museum’s 15th anniversary celebration, ELVIS 1956: Photographs by Alrfred Wertheimer will open to the public on Monday, September 13.  Taken during the year Elvis turned 21, Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs are a remarkable visual record of a defining time for rock and roll’s most enduring figure.

1956 was the year Elvis first appeared in the national consciousness. His RCA records and national TV broadcasts helped make him a star. Alfred Wertheimer, then a young freelance photojournalist, was there to document the extraordinary transition.

ELVIS 1956 is the first and last unguarded look at Elvis, featuring images of him in every aspect of his life—from performance and with the fans, to the recording studio and at home with his family.

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