Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials: G.I. Blues – 1960

Elvis had 31 movies with acting parts, and only four were made in the 50s before he went in the army.  That means there are 27 Elvis movies that will reach their 50th anniversaries in the next decade.  I thought it would be fitting to celebrate these anniversaries as they come up.   But, at this point in the game, doing reviews of each one seems redundant.  Many Elvis websites have done reviews.  Fortunately, I have been collecting pictures of Elvis’ movies for years – shots from the movies, publicity photos, movie theater posters, lobby cards, and candid shots on the set.

So, we will start a new continuing series called 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorials.  First up is G.I. Blues from 1960.




Lobby Cards:





Scenes From The Movie:

Elvis’ Combo “The Three Blazes”

Placing Bets on Whether Elvis Can Spend a Night with Juliet Prowse


Singing “Wooden Heart” to a Puppet


Scene Where Elvis Decides Can’t Go Through With the Bet


Last Scene Where Elvis Looks at Audience and Asks, “Well, Did You Ever?”


Elvis and Juliet Prowse Kissing:



                    First Kiss on Sky Lift                               Kissing After Professing Their Love

Down Time on the Set:


 Publicity Shots:


Guitar or Rifle – Decisions, Decisions                               From German Newspaper


In this picture, it is hard to distinguish, but that’s DJ Fontana and Scotty Moore to the left of the bass player.  They are wearing Alpine outfits, including leather lederhosen short pants.  You can actually see one of DJ’s bare legs.  There is a funny story in his book “The Beat Behind the King” about how the make-up crew insisted on applying powder to his knees so they wouldn’t be too shiny.


Elvis and The Jordanaires

The Jordanaires provided vocal back-up for the soundtrack songs, but they also have some time on screen.  This shot is on the train transporting the troops to Frankfort, and they join Elvis singing “Frankfort Special.”  To the left of Elvis are Gordon Stoker and Ray Walker, who are still alive today and perform regularly.


Goofy Elvis Shots:



In December, we will continue the 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorials with Elvis’ other movie form 1960, Flaming Star.

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