Strange Elvis Searches on the Internet

Google and the other search engines have been very instrumental in helping people discover ElvisBlog.  With over 380 articles covering every Elvis subject imaginable, ElvisBlog comes up high on just about any search topic fans type in – even the stupid ones.  Two years ago, I featured some of the strange Elvis searches on Google in a fun article.  Since then, many new ones have shown up, so let’s take a look at some of them.


The answer to this question is easy. If you were Elvis, you would look like a skeleton. He’s been dead for 33 years, you know.  Too bad Google didn’t show this image as the answer.


This is just further proof that Elvis fans want to know everything about the King.   I guess this person equated Elvis jumpsuits with the astronauts’ space suits, which do have built in underwear of sorts for those six-to-eight hour space walks.  In fact, there was a time or two when Elvis left the stage for a quick visit to the facilities backstage, so built in underwear in his jumpsuits is a pretty strange concept.


What prompts people to want to know things like this?   I guess there has never been a Frito shaped like Elvis’ head, because Yahoo came up with nothing.



My wife actually uses this phrase.  If I’m not paying enough attention to her, she will say something like, “I wish you would spend as much time with me as you do with your stupid blog about Elvis.”  As you can see, ElvisBlog came up Number 1 on the Google list.  I’ve reminded my wife that Google does not make value judgments.  It’s just that the title of an old ElvisBlog article contained all three keywords in the search phrase.  She doesn’t buy it.


I hesitate to put this one up, because it may make Elvis fans seem dumb.  I’ve been to the Elvis Festival in Collingwood, Ontario twice, and it’s a great event.  But, you might want to skip the Elvis feastable.


The search subject here is so long that it wouldn’t fit in the box.  Fortunately, the fan misspelled a word, so Google made their best guess and asked, Did you mean: …., and repeated the question out of the box where we could read it.  Google did not have the answer, but I do.  The teenage rock n roller in Hound Dog Man was Fabian.  He wore Elvis’ pants and boots from Love Me Tender for his screen test with Twentieth Century Fox.  This led to Fabian getting the role in Hound Dog Man, and his character had the same name (Clint) as Elvis’ character in Love Me Tender.



OK, if we’re doing searches by stupid fans, this should get a prize.  There are no pictures of Elvis holding his grandson for a very good reason.  Benjamin Keough is 18 (just turned on October 21) and Elvis died 33 years ago.


Something is wrong here.  If Elvis was still alive, how could he be living as Jesse, his twin brother?  Jesse was still-born, and if he wasn’t, he still would be Elvis’ twin; so how does that give any cover?  I like Google’s Did you mean: if elvis is living as jesus, would he secretly come to visit graceland?   Don’t you wish somebody at Google had a warped sense of humor and answered the question like this:  “Elvis is living as Jesus, and he visits Graceland all the time.”


There have been Elvis and Michael Jackson searches covering a lot of different topics, but this one takes the award for the weirdest.


Look at the first answer Google found on this search.  Although it doesn’t state whether it happened on the moon or not, Google informed us that the ghost of Marilyn married a two-headed Elvis clone.  Inquiring minds want to know.


Here’s a nice variation.  Now we have three heads, but they are on an alien, not an Elvis clone.  Do you think Marilyn would be upset about the Elvis clone dumping her for the three-headed alien?


Don’t you single guys wish Google could tell you how to pick up chicks like Elvis?  Dream on.

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