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Merry Christmas, Elvis


If you cruise the internet looking for Elvis photos to save, like I do, you can run into Elvis Christmas pictures at any time of the year.  Then, at the end of each year, it’s nice to have a wonderful collection of new ones to share with you.  So here is my 2010 Christmas salute to Elvis.  Let’s call it “Christmas with the King.” 


This came from the Elvis Italian Collectors Club website, and I think it was created by a woman named Katia.  I don’t know Italian, so I can’t be sure, but you did a nice job, Katia.


This shot of the Presley family and Anita Wood around the tree opening presents is one I had never seen before this year.  It was probably Christmas 1957, because Anita and Elvis were very involved before he went into the Army in March 1058.


Here’s a little Christmas Elvis humor for you.  I love the look on the faces of those two elves.


Here’s a nice message in a card sent out in1965.  I like it much better than those earlier cards with Christmas wishes from Elvis and the Colonel.



Of course, you already knew that Santa has a picture of Elvis on the side of his sleigh.


If you want more proof that Santa is an Elvis fan, here he is wearing an Elvis-style jumpsuit and signature sunglasses.


And Elvis was a big Santa fan.  Here he is looking spiffy wearing a Santa hat.


On Sunday, December 3, 1967, a radio special called Season’s Greetings From Elvis aired on over 2,000 stations across the United States.  This seems to be some kind of press kit or promotional material for it.  At the very bottom is small print with a different message:  “Give Elvis for Christmas.”  I like that.


This is the second new family Christmas photo I discovered this year.  Look at cute little Lisa Marie between Elvis and the tree.


How about this – a Blue Christmas one million dollar bill with Elvis in a Santa hat on the front and a snowy Graceland scene on the back.  But what’s up with the violin?  Shouldn’t that be a guitar?



Here’s another one from the Elvis Italian Collectors Club website.  It is very pretty, but I wish the message was Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays.  I’ll bet Elvis never wished anyone “Happy Holidays.”



Elvis got it right on this autograph dated December 23, 1956.

And… Merry Christmas to you, Elvis.


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