Happy Birthday, Elvis

I was pleased when I checked my “Elvis Birthday” file and saw how many new pictures I added since last year.  Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Actually, there are two versions of Elvis with a party hat Photoshopped onto his head, but we’ll save one for next year.



I like the little dog in this Elvis birthday cartoon.  He’s got the hair, sunglasses and a broom for guitar.  What, no jumpsuit?



This one uses a photo from the ’68 Comeback Special that we don’t see very often.  Elvis looks like he is taking care of business big time, doesn’t he?

Last year we presented a photo essay of Elvis birthday cakes, and my file contains plenty of new ones.  Let’s narrow it down and just look at ones that include a tiny Elvis made out of icing.  It must take a lot of skill to create a recognizable likeness of someone using icing as your medium.                 


This one does a good job on Elvis’ jumpsuit.  There are nice red stripes on the legs, topped with little round silver balls.  There are more of these balls down the sleeves.  But I just don’t get the other two in the middle of the picture.


I don’t think Elvis ever wore sunglasses with pink frames, but they work here.  I wish we had a back view, because it looks like Elvis has a cape.



The hair gets a different treatment here, and check out the big jumpsuit collar.  This is the third icing Elvis sitting on the cake.  I guess it’s a lot harder to do him standing up.


For some reason, this reminds me more of Andy Kauffman doing Elvis, rather than Elvis himself.  Too bad there isn’t enough detail to see the design on the jumpsuit, which appears to be modeled after the early jumpsuits with a big sash belt.



The first four cakes celebrated someone else’s birthday: 40th, 70th, 50th, and 30th.   It is interesting that folks would consider Elvis to be a cool decoration for people of such varying ages.  The last two cakes appear to have been created to celebrate Elvis’ birthday.  This icing Elvis is another with hair that comes to a point on top.  Notice the bling around his neck.  The cake artist gets extra points for having Elvis appear to pop out of the cake.



We know this cake was created just for Elvis because it says “The King.”  It is either a small cake, or the icing Elvis is very large.   I like that he is sitting on a record.  Nice bling, too.

So, that’s our Elvis birthday celebration for this year.  Elvis, we wish you were still around to have some cake with us.  You can’t, so there’s just one more thing we want to say:

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