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Happy 6th Birthday, ElvisBlog

The first week in February marks the 6th birthday of ElvisBlog, and several milestones have been reached.  If you don’t want to read a little bragging about this blog, scroll down to a fun article, “Reagan, Obama, and Elvis.”

The first milestone occurred when the 2010 year-end numbers came in.  ElvisBlog had 728,833 hits as measured by total page views, more than double the 2009 total.

Elvis’ birthday, January 8, is always the biggest day of the year for visitors to the site, and this year, ElvisBlog had a phenomenal total of 13,306 hits on that day.

Boosted by that one day record, January 2011 was the best month ever, finishing over another milestone with 100,371 hits.

The website www.visualizetraffic.com reports that ElvisBlog gets a daily average of 1047 visitors.  It’s pretty cool to know a thousand people read your stuff every day. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Phil Arnold

Original Elvis Blogmeister… ElvisBlog

Reagan, Obama, and Elvis

Lately, there has been much in the press about Barack Obama’s shift to the center.  He is said to be thinking and sounding a lot like Ronald Reagan.  This, plus the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birthday on February 6, has even prompted news magazines to pair the two presidents on their covers.

Current Time magazine cover featuring Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama


One thing the press hasn’t mentioned is that both presidents have been Elvis fans, and that they’ve worn clothing to give them that Elvis look.


Obama favors the young Elvis gold lamé coat from 1957.  Reagan looks great in the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii American Eagle jumpsuit.  Some clever folks did a nice job on Photoshop making these shots.

Do you know how many presidents Elvis met?  Of course there was Nixon in 1970.  Lesser known is that Elvis met both Jimmy Carter and George H W Bush – before they became presidents.


Jimmy Carter was the Governor of Georgia when he and Rosalyn visited Elvis backstage after a June 1973 concert in Atlanta.  George H W Bush was UN Ambassador when he was the guest speaker at the dinner where Elvis was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1971.


John F Kennedy was one president Elvis never met, but a Photoshop jockey with questionable taste did try to give us picture simulating an occasion when they got together.


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