Elvis Lip Socks for Valentine's Day

I get e-mails from www.ShopElvis.com all the time, and I scan each one to see if anything new grabs my attention.  A recent e-mail subject line was:  Valentine’s Day Promotions / Winter Gear.



This promotion definitely had something that caught my eye.  It was



What the heck are lip socks?  So, I clicked on the link, and this is what came up:


Okay, I get it.  Graceland must have something in their memorabilia warehouse that shows the outline of Elvis’ lips.  To make it, Elvis would have had to put on lipstick and pressed his lips onto white paper.  Sounds pretty strange, but it probably happened for some promotional project.

However, if I was asked to describe what picture I would put on Elvis Lip Socks, that’s not the one I would use.  Here’s what I would think of:


Yeah, the famous Elvis lip snarl.  Without seeing the eyes, nose, or any other part of the face, you instinctively know it is Elvis.  Put this on the socks and see how well they sell.

If you want a drawing rather than a photograph, how about this?


No doubt about it.  Those are Elvis’ lips.  What other personality has lips as distinctive as these?  Here are some more examples:




The last photograph was used to make this interesting composite picture.  How do people come up with the idea to combine Mickey Mouse, KISS and Elvis?  An icon triple feature.


This is getting pretty far off from the original idea of a Valentine’s Day article.  So, let’s steer it back to the subject of love by looking at the absolute love of Elvis’ life.


Notice anything? 


Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to Elvis, and to you too, Lisa.

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