Elvis Scrapbooks — Part 4

This will be the last installment of the series on Elvis scrapbooks.  Here’s a look at several more Elvis scrapbooks I found on the internet.





Now, let’s take a look at the last six pages of the Elvis scrapbook we have been covering this month.



Page 16 lacks much interest.  The top left photo caption says, “Birth of sideburns during high school years.”  Next to it is a photo of Elvis and director Norman Taurog on the set of one of the eight Elvis movies he directed.   At the bottom there is a cropped photo of Elvis’ head and a familiar shot form Aloha From Hawaii.


Page 17:  The main thing of interest here is the one color photo.  Most of photos of Elvis doing his lip snarl are from the earlier days.  I can’t remember too many jumpsuit shots of his lip curl.  It sure looks like the jumpsuit top is open all the way to the belt.


Page 18:  This is the forth and possibly the most interesting photo of Priscilla in our scrapbook.  She obviously spent some time with a top-notch photographer to produce these glamour shots.  Perhaps it was part of the healing process after splitting with Elvis.  Maybe something to bolster self-esteem?  I have pictures of Priscilla covering fifty years, and I strongly believe she hit her peak of beauty at age 27 or so when these were taken.


Priscilla looked substantially different in her mid-thirties, but still a beauty, as shown on this magazine cover from the early 80s.


Page 19:  This clipping came from the National Enquirer, so you know it has to be pretty strange. It appeared shortly after Elvis’ death.  The guy with the white hair is Dr. George Nichopoulos, Elvis’ personal physician.  Readers of this blog know I don’t think too much of Dr. Nick, and this story didn’t change my mind.  He touched on drugs ever so briefly, and then blamed Elvis’ problems on the Graceland cooks.  Seriously!   Here are some of Dr. Nick’s quotes:

“They [the cooks] mothered him to death.  They couldn’t believe they were doing him harm by making a fuss of him.”

So, the cooks are what did Elvis in, not anything out of Dr. Nick’s bag.  He did offer up an example to prove the cooks were the problem.

“He’d say fix up a hamburger and some fries, and they’d send up enough for six people.”  … He’d nibble on it until it was all gone.”

What a heinous plot — death by hamburger.  The National Enquirer writer contributed to the slant Dr. Nick was pushing by adding that Elvis had an insatiable craving for junk food.  Believe it or not, the article got worse after that.  Dr. Nick explained that food consumption was only part of the reason for Elvis’ weight problem,

“Part of his obesity was diet, part was that enlarged colon he had.  His colon was four or five inches in diameter – and when there is several feet of it, it fills a lot of space.”

Too Much Information!  This article filled a lot of space in the National Enquirer, but I’m not sure why an Elvis fan would put it in her scrapbook. 


Page 20 has beautiful flowers from Elvis’ funeral and another jumpsuit shot.  The other shot is the interesting one.  It shows sharp-dressed Vernon Presley briskly walking out of Probate Court in Memphis where he was “given ironclad control over the huge estate, as executor and trustee.”  Vernon surely mourned for his son, but he also seems to have adapted well to the spotlight.  No boring suit and tie for this appearance.  Very natty, Vernon.


Page 21:  The scrapbook ends with this one large color photo, as kind of a tribute to Elvis.  Notice how a puffy-looking Elvis still had that magic with the fans.  He had it to the end.


Nice scrapbook.

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