ElvisBlog News — 4/28/11


No Post Last Weekend:

Since I started ElvisBlog back in 2005, I have tried to consistently post a new article each weekend.  Blog tutorials all declared that a regular schedule was necessary to keep readers happy and coming back.  During the first six years, the only time I missed a post was when my wife had open-heart surgery in 2009.  Well, now it has happened twice.  A rogue virus got into my laptop and screwed up everything.  It took two trips to the Geek Squad at Best Buys and $280 to get it fixed, and I was without my laptop for ten days.  So, I’m real sorry if you checked into ElvisBlog recently and found nothing new, but now you know the reason.


Two Million Hits:

Last April I was happy to announce that ElvisBlog had reached one million hits (total page views).  It took five years and two months to reach that level.  Now, twelve months later, ElvisBlog has passed two million hits.  Thanks to all you readers for making this happen.  I appreciate your support.


New Logo, Tag Line and Banner:

Over the years, there have been numerous references in ElvisBlog to the famous Elvis lip curl.  One article last February showed several artists’ interpretations of the Elvis snarl, and that got me fascinated with the image.  So, I utilized the considerable talents of graphic designer Carol Stephens to come up a really distinctive Elvis lip curl.  She did such a terrific job I decided to use it as a logo for Elvisblog.

At the same time, I have been considering changing the tag-line for the blog.  The original “A Weekly Column of News, History and Commentary about Elvis Presley” seemed too stuffy.  The subjects of my posts have trended more to the fun side, celebrating Elvis as a pop culture icon.  So, I decided a better tag-line would be:  “All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World.”

With both a new logo and a new tag-line, it was time to change the banner at the top of the ElvisBlog home page.  This is the first time it has appeared, and I hope you like it.


Phil Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister


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