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While assembling photos for the ElvisBlog series 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorials, I was pleased to find many interesting PR shots for Elvis’ movies.  Most of them will be featured in the photo essays for each movie, but there are enough publicity shots that a few can be borrowed for this article without being missed.

Girls, Girls, Girls:

This is one of the more clever publicity photos for an Elvis movie.  Laurel Goodwin (left) and Stella Stevens (right) both posed for other PR shots alone with Elvis, some innocent, some more provocative.  We will look at them in 2012 when the 50th anniversary of Girls, Girls, Girls rolls around.


Tickle Me:

Here is a variation of the ropes around Elvis theme.  This time his co-star Jocelyn Lane is tied up with Elvis.  The other four good-looking women are part of the bevy of unnamed lovelies that appear in numerous scenes throughout the movie.  Diligent research has determined that Tickle Me is one of the top three Elvis movies for the most hot babes.  The other two are Clambake and Paradise Hawaiian Style.

King Creole:

This obviously posed picture had to be one Elvis enjoyed making.  The girls kissing him are his two love interests in the film:  Delores Hart (left), the sweet soda-fountain girl, and Carolyn Jones, the alcoholic mob-boss kept woman.  The two girls who are not kissing Elvis had lesser roles as Elvis’ sister and a stripper with the interesting name Forty Nina.


G.I. Blues:

Last October we took a look at Elvis’ fifth movie in our 50th Anniversary photo essay.  This included a couple of press photos, and now I have discovered two more of Elvis and co-star Juliet Prowse.


I’m not sure why they don’t just release actual shots from the movies.  You good Elvis fans know these scenes never happened on the film.


Flaming Star:

When I did the 50th anniversary photo spread on Flaming Star, it included several publicity pictures of Elvis and co-star Barbara Eden.  They all showed them in close physical contact, even though this never happened in the movie.  Eden actually played the girlfriend of the brother of Elvis’ character.  Here are two of these photos.


Now, yet another pose from this photo shoot has surfaced on the internet.  We can imagine Elvis was more than willing to oblige the requests for as many poses with Barbara Eden as the photographer wanted.

More Flaming Star:

Our 50th anniversary photo essay also looked at the many variations of Andy Warhol’s multiple-Elvis lithographs based on a promotional photo for the movie.


The picture below is a shot from Cirque du Soleil — a huge background image of Elvis in cowboy garb and aiming a gun.  It is the third reincarnation of the publicity shot.  I like the way they have descending sizes.  To my knowledge, Warhol never tried any of that.


Jailhouse Rock:

I’m not sure if this was a publicity shot or just a candid photo of Elvis and his co-stars goofing around on the set.  Either way, everyone seems to be enjoying it.  On Elvis’ right arm is Judy Tyler, his business partner and love interest in the movie.  The blond is Jennifer Holden, who played an actress in a movie Elvis’ character was filming.  Do you remember how she couldn’t stand him until the kissing scene started, and then the two of them developed a severe case of lip lock.  There are some more great publicity pictures and candid shots on the set that we will look at in the 55th anniversary pictorial of Jailhouse Rock in 2012.  The Elvisblog series of movie photo essays started too late to feature Elvis’ first four movies on their 50th Anniversary.



Wild in the Country:

Here’s the best example yet of press releases of shots that didn’t occur in an Elvis movie.  Recently we did the 50th anniversary photo essay on Wild in the Country.   Here are two publicity photos that promoted the movie, and we can be pretty sure Elvis didn’t mind posing for them.


Even though there was a perfectly good shot of Elvis Kissing Tuesday Weld in the movie, he had to kiss her at least two more times for the PR pictures.  Boy, what a tough job.  Making movies certainly had its perks for Elvis.

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