Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 7

No Rings:

We took a look at Elvis’ Fabulous Rings back in May.  In the article, I suggested you check out Elvis’ hands in any of his jumpsuit pictures, because he would usually have three or four on each hand.  Now, look at the picture below.   There are no rings on his right hand.

Elvis is wearing the Sundial jumpsuit, so we know this photo was taken at the end of his career.  During that period, he often suffered through swelling problems, and on this night, none of his rings would fit the right hand.



Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor – Not:

This post last April pretty well decided that Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor never met.  The one internet photo of them together turned out to be a fake.  So, I guess there is not one photo in existence showing Elvis and Liz together.  Except maybe this one of them holding hands on the cover of Movie Mirror.  Did they have Photoshop back in 1969? 




An article titled Tony Curtis, Elvis, and Ducktails, posted back in October 2010, had several good photos showing Elvis’ classic ducktail hairdo.  Here is another one.  For you younger readers, he is reaching for the needle arm on his 45 RPM record player.  Every kid had one.



Shreck – A Hunka Hunka Burning Ogre:

There never has been an ElvisBlog article that mentioned Shreck, but I’ve had this picture for over a year and never had a reason to post it.  Shreck Forever After has been playing on one of the cable movie channels recently.  Does that count?



Two Better DVD Covers for Lonely Street:

We looked at the film Lonely Street in an April 2010 post titled Mr. Aaron Has Left the Building.   I criticized the studio for not including a picture of 75 year-old Elvis on the DVD cover.  After all, the whole plot revolved around him. 

Now, we find that there were two alternate covers featuring Elvis that were not selected.  What marketing idiot thought the cover they used would appeal to more folks than one with Elvis on it.  Not only photos of him, but great tag lines:  “Elvis Has Not Left The Building.” and “The King is Alive… and Everyone Wants A Cut.”   If you haven’t seen the movie, one of the best scenes is when the young hottie in the white tank top comes totally unglued when old Elvis takes her in his arms.



DEA Sweat Suit:

Last February, we started our Elvis Scrapbooks series.  The caption under a newspaper clipping in the scrapbook revealed something I didn’t know.  The night before Elvis died, he had a dentist visit around 11 PM wearing a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) sweat suit.  The photo below is certainly not from that night, but that’s an older Elvis, and that is a DEA sweat suit.  So, this is probably the DEA shirt he wore to the dentist that night (packing heat, too).


Elvis on Abbey Road with the Beatles:

I did a Mini Elvis Blog in August 2009 containing just three altered pictures.  Ever since then, the one of John Lennon and Elvis together has consistently stayed one of the most viewed pictures on the blog.  Also in the mini-blog was a shot showing Elvis going one way across Abbey Road, and the Beatles coming back from their iconic crossing.  The Elvis picture comes from his arrival at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas in March 1958.

Now there are two more Elvis poses on Abbey Road to share with you.  Don’t you like 70s Elvis in his Karate gi prodding the Beatles to get across the street?


The picture below is a set of stamps from some country I have never heard of.  There have been quite a few paintings of Humphrey Bogart, Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe together.  Usually they are at a bar, or playing pool, or something similar, but I love the idea to incorporate one more pop culture reference by having them cross Abbey Road.  Elvis' pose is okay as a shot of him dancing in a movie, but as a style of walking, it’s pretty lame.  If he keeps it up, Bogart is going to punch him out.



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