The Movie Theater: One Building Elvis Will Never Leave — Part 4

Every August I enjoy going to and reading John Beifuss’ annual report on movies that contain something, anything, about Elvis in them.  For example, it could be Elvis jumpsuits, or his iconic sunglasses, or anything else associated with him.  It can be an Elvis song, a picture of him, or a character trying to sound like him.  And sometimes, his name is used in the dialog of the movie.

Unfortunately, the past twelve months have been pretty lean for Elvis allusions.  There are only five that you might have seen.  I have seen only two, and I had never heard of the other three.  But, let’s take a look at what we’ve got.


Hoodwinked Too!  Hood vs. Evil


I love how this film is characterized:  computer-animated fairy-tale spoof sequel.  I actually saw the original, which had no Elvis reference in it.  However, it had the woodsman character named Kirk.  In the sequel, Kirk has found fame and fortune as a yodeler.  Guess what kind of outfit Kirk the Yodeler wears – a cross between Alpine lederhosen short pants and an Elvis jumpsuit.

Kirk the Woodsman 

Kirk the Yodeler

You will be pleased to know Kirk the Yodeler turns out to be a big hero in the movie, but so do about fifteen other people (and animals).


Another Year: 


In the picture below, on the left is a taciturn young man named Ronnie.  The woman on the right is Mary, who is described as alcoholic, unhappy and middle-aged.


In another scene, Mary is trying to make conversation with Ronnie

“Did you like the Beatles?”

“They were alright.”

“I was more Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis.  Yeah, I’m all shook up.”


Open Five:


I haven’t been able to find out much about this movie.  It seems to take place in Memphis, and John Beifuss says one scene has some of the cast members at the Elvis Candlelight Vigil at Graceland.

This was a low budget movie, and I’m pretty sure this scene wasn’t filmed on August 16.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t filmed in front of Graceland.  These two people seem to be the only ones holding candles.



I never heard of this movie, which John Beifuss calls a portrait of movie-star angst.  That’s the star and his daughter on the DVD cover.  During a scene at the expensive Chateau Marmont, a hotel employee entertains with an acoustic guitar version of Elvis’ hit “Teddy Bear.”


Nowhere Boy: 


I watched this one because it is about John Lennon in his early Liverpool days, and I’m a fan of the Beatles, too.  I’m kind of think the producers were a little too cute with the title.  It is a variation on the Beatle hit “Nowhere Man,” but that may be too obscure for casual fans to make the connection with John Lennon.  That DVD photo is probably a mistake,too.  He looks more like Buddy Holly.  In the movie, John wears the glasses for just a short time.


You all are familiar with the fact that Elvis was a big hero for young John Lennon.  In the film, John sees a photo of Elvis in the paper and quickly adopts an Elvis coiffure.

Two Elvis songs are performed in the film.  John’s band plays “That’s Alright Mama” at their first show.   Later, Paul sings “Love Me Tender” to John’s Aunt Mini.

The other Elvis allusions in Nowhere Man were in the dialog at various points in the movie.  Two good ones by John were,

“I want to start a rock and roll group, be like Elvis.”

“Why couldn’t God make me Elvis?”


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