Do We Really Need Elvis Barbie?

On September 15, featured an interview with the designer of the new Elvis Barbie doll.  Maybe I missed something, but I never knew it was already on the market.  As you can see, Elvis Barbie is wearing an outfit inspired by his famous gold lamé suit.  She is touted as wearing a ‘pompadour ponytail, and can be yours for only $49.99.


The article begins with this declarative statement, “Wearing one of the king’s signature looks, the new Elvis Barbie doll has quickly become a must-have item for collectors and fans!”   In the interview, the designer said, “From the collector community to Elvis fans, everyone is loving this doll!”

Well, not quite everyone.  As soon as the interview text ends, 33 comments are listed.  Obviously, they were not screened, and that might have been a good idea.  Here are some samples:

Tim Clinton:  Uhhhhmmm.  Somebody is running out of ways to make money?

Tammy Moore Colon:  What a stupid looking thing… ELVIS IN DRAG?  What disrespect to the king and his fans!

Beth Harper:  It sucks and Elvis was no sissy and that doll makes him look like and the doll is so freaking ugly, nobody wants to buy that    piece of crap….

Mike Kennedy:  Elvis Barbie is such an idiotic idea… at least make Ken look     like Elvis.


Actually, somebody already came up with that last idea.  Here are two mini Elvis outfits you can buy on eBay to make your Ken doll look like Elvis.


Here are a few more comments from folks who saw something else in the face of the Elvis Barbie doll:

Hounddoggle Hundley: Doesn’t look like Elvis.  Looks like Priscilla more.

Joan Domske:  I agree.  Guess the Priscilla doll wouldn’t sell.


Okay, you can call it.  Does Elvis Barbie look more like Elvis, Barbie or Priscilla?  Remember, they already did Priscilla before in the Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Doll Collector Gift Set.





Here are two other sentiments from totally out in left field:

Maudie Johnson:  This doll should be called Lisa Marie and not Elvis or      Priscilla.

Johnny Jr. Szeto:  Looks more like the Korean band – Wonder Girls.


Of course, not all the comments were negative.  In fairness, there are some folks who like Elvis Barbie:

Espen Kromke: I want it.  Actually, I do.

Savannah Faircloth:  Instead of complaining about how it disrespects Elvis or looks like Priscilla… maybe we should all be grateful that the King’s legacy is still living on.  So maybe it is a girl doll or maybe it looks like his ex, regardless, people continue to release new and exciting products in remembrance of Elvis.



Can you blame Mattel going for another Elvis and Barbie connection?  They certainly hit pay dirt with the Barbie Loves Elvis Collectors’ Set.



Elvis looks plenty manly here, but he doesn’t look much like Elvis.  And Barbie certainly doesn’t look so hot.  There are even pictures on the internet of a counterfeit Elvis and Barbie set.


I Googled Elvis Barbie to do research on this blog story, and I went to enough sites to see a bewildering array of Barbies.  An Italian website had several poses of Elvis Barbie in a different outfit.  Here’s one showing the pompadour ponytail from the side.


Another site had Barbie in black leather.  Mattel might sell a lot of this one if they released it as ‘68 Comeback Barbie.


The weirdest thing I found on my internet search was a nude beefcake shot of Elvis from the wedding set.  There was no similar nude Priscilla shot.  Very strange.


May I include a beef of my own about Elvis Barbie?  Why did they make her so skinny?  Her legs look to be the size of matchsticks and her arms like toothpicks.  Maybe they should call her Anorexic Barbie.  Any person that thin would be taken to the hospital and put on IV support.     



Just for kicks, I used Windows Paint to make Elvis Barbie more voluptuous.  If she had been marketed with that body, at least the comments from guys might have been better.

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