Fans Find Ways to Connect Elvis and Halloween

There are all sorts of Elvis costumes available at right now.  Certainly, it’s fun for fans to dress themselves up as Elvis for Halloween.  However, some fans with artistic talents have created images that morph Elvis into iconic Halloween decorating and costume themes.  Here are some interesting ones.


Skeleton Elvis:


Vampire Elvis:                                         


Dr. Frankenstein’s Elvis Experiment:

Ghost Elvis:


Reptile Elvis: 

Robot Elvis: 


Zombie Elvis:



Elvis Jack-O-Lantern:      



Alien Elvis:

Star Wars Elvis:


Neon Ghost Elvis:


Mummy Elvis:


That’s this year’s scrapbook of Elvis Halloween images.  Check out previous ones here and here.  I hope the zombie pictures weren’t to gruesome.  You should have seen some of the skeleton Elvis pictures that didn’t get used.  Nobody seems to have created images that connects Elvis to two other popular Halloween icons, bats and witches, so here is a cartoon drawing combining a bat, a sexy witch and an Elvis who looks like something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.



Happy Halloween from ElvisBlog


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