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Elvis Santa Hats and Other Bad Ideas


Back in July 2010, ElvisBlog critiqued the items offered by EPE in their big summer sale, “12 Days of Christmas in July” .  Some item drew praise, while others were blasted – like this one:



Gold sunglasses with fake sideburns – uugghh.   Graceland has sued vendors for making unauthorized Elvis merchandise, often citing how the product demeaned the image of Elvis.  Well, what does this do?  The glasses are fine, but the sideburns look so cheesy.

Now, something new has been offered in the official Elvis catalog that is just as bad:


What genius came up with a blue Elvis Santa hat with sideburns?  Just what you wanted, right?   It’s a good thing they had Elvis embroidered on the white fur, or we would have no idea what this was supposed to be, especially since the hat is blue.  The catalog says the blue design was inspired by Elvis’ famous jumpsuits of the 70s.  However, Elvis had some great red jumpsuits.  Why not use one of them and at least keep the red Santa theme?

While we are talking about blue Santa hats with sideburns, here is another one.


There might actually be some Star Trek fans out there who would like to have a Spock Santa hat, especially since it has an extra feature – Spock’s pointy ears.  Santa’s elves are often portrayed with pointy ears, so it kind of looks like this might work as a Santa’s elf hat.

Now, if the elves have really big ears, maybe this would be the perfect hat:



Too bad.  The embroidery says Santa Yoda, not Santa elf.  If they can put out a Star Trek Santa hat, why not a Star Wars one, too?

It’s easy to imagine that someone would want a Santa hat or a Santa Elf hat, but would anybody want a Santa Reindeer hat?


Let’s end with a special Santa Elvis hat that surely symbolizes everything that is Christmas.

Yes sir, a black Santa hat with Elvis sunglasses and the title of one of his Christmas songs embroidered on the fur.  I think I kind-of like this one. It’s just $13 at Kmart online.  You know, I am going to get one.

Too bad they didn’t put sideburns on it.


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