Santa's Sack is Full of Elvis Christmas Pictures



It’s time once again to post ElvisBlog’s annual collection of images connecting Elvis and Christmas.  Fortunately, creative fans keep coming up with new ideas and put them on the internet for us to enjoy.



This is very clever.  There are dozens of real Elvis Christmas ornaments for sale, some good, some bad.  But, this concept works really well.



If you think about this image, it is a little strange.  The idea of Christmas with Elvis is fine.  But, where?  In jail?



This is kind of fun.  It is part of the ElvisBlog file of images showing Elvis dressed as Santa and vice-versa.  Someday there should be enough images to do a Christmas feature on this theme.



This is a good theme, but how come it doesn’t show some snow?


Well, if you can have Elvis Santa, why not an Elvis Elf?


Simple, but striking.  There are a lot of Blue Christmas images out there, but I like this one best.



This one is kind of fun.



Here we have Elvis wishing someone a Merry Christmas – on a $500 bill.  A double special present.


You have to agree that this is a pretty good Christmas wish list, except maybe the snow if you’re trying to travel somewhere distance.



How’s this for window decorating at Christmas:  Some greenery, wrapped presents, strings of blue lights, a big candy cane – and Elvis in a Santa hat.



Isn’t this a nice touch?  Elvis and little Lisa.  Well done.




Merry Christmas from ElvisBlog


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